Monday, 30 December 2013

My Family

This is my family.


Birthday & Christmas Treats

I've been totally and completely spoiled this year for my birthday and Christmas. One of the very few good reasons Christmas Eve is a good birthday is because it gives you a really great 48 hours at Christmas time. My family and friends have been amazing. Lucky girl.


Daily Outfit

Gilet - Next
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Top - New Look
Bag - Topshop

I've been lacking on the blog front the last few weeks. Things have been busy and I've been distracted. However, my sister bought me a birthday present that inspired me to get back on the blogging/lookbook band wagon a little more - wireless remote. A bloggers secret weapon.



Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's Christmas in my house

Oh how I love Christmas 

My new favourite handbag

My new favourite handbag. Thanks topshop.

Christmas Spirit

When it comes to Christmas, I am it's number 1 fan. Everything Christmas related or themed gets me super excited. I have already started wrapping presents. Brown paper and colourful festive decorations is my favourite way to wrap up the presents I buy for friends and family.  I cannot wait for Christmas, and for Christmas eve - my birthday !


Dinner or breakfast

I would eat Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for every meal if I could.

Graduation Weekend is over

The weekend of Graduating has come to an end but I am happy to be home. I was spoilt and am thankful for all my of presents and cards that were sent to me.  

I now have a degree and am a Bachelor of Arts.

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