Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Summer Of Vintage

This Summer seems to have been completely vintage focused, which has been lovely. Two festivals selling vintage, endless sorting through bags of vintage clothing and opening up a vintage Etsy store has kept me super busy at work the last few weeks.

Henley Rewind Festival & Cornbury Festival have been good to us this year and the vintage Helen & Douglas House stall was a great success. 

hdhvintage Etsy store is now officially up and running. After a few minor setting up errors, I opened the shop up for business last week! With more items coming in to my office for Etsy, I am keen to set aside lots of time to get uploading.

This post has been short and sweet but it's been awhile, I'd missed my blog.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bikini Season

I always seem to find that when bikini season comes around it's my favourite brands such as River Island and Topshop that let me down. These stores appear to only design and make bikinis for small girls with small boobs.

It's frustrating to say the least that I always fall in love with numerous fashionable bikinis and realise that even a size 16 cup won't fit me. Despite I am a size 10-12. Some girls have boobs, I am one.

Surprisingly,  I have started to discover how great Tesco Clothing is. My mum has always shopped at Tesco so I thought it was quite a 'Mumsie' place to shop until last year when I would see her in a nice outfit and ask where it was from, her answer would always be 'Tesco'. I since then have relocated and now spend my working days across from a Tesco where they sell clothes and I can't seem to help myself with popping in for a drink or a sandwich to have a quick snoop in the clothing section. Each time there is something new I love and I think about for days on end until I purchase it.

So, when bikini season came round my first thought, as always, was River Island - where I was majorly let down. My spirits were quickly brightened when I realised that Tesco had a really amazing range of bikinis that are fashionable and made for women with boobs - halleijauh.

I've started my holiday shopping early as September isn't exactly the best thing to buy your summer outfits. I've picked up two gorgeous bikinis from Tesco:

I am obsessed! These two designs are similiar of something you would find in your highstreet stores but they are for girls with boobs and empty purses. 
Each top was £8 and each bottom was £5. 

I am eagerly awaiting more bikinis in Tescos so that I can add to my collection.

Bring on Ibiza! Thanks Tesco.


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Monochrome River Island

Yesterday I went into Crawley and went a bit monochrome mad in River Island. I'm still in 'Ibiza Preparation' mode so this outfits were holiday based. My boyfriend (lucky for me) had some items to swap and he was super kind and let me get something while he returned his suit. Of course I can't just stop at one item in River Island, so I splashed out for 3...

The crop top and skirt are both from River Island for £16 and £25. The white skirt came with the black belt which has a melt plated front and I love it. The platforms are one of my most favourite pair of shoes from Clarks and the structured black backpack is from New Look which was £20.

As I've mentioned in a recent Primark Haul, I wanted to get a white crop top to go with the sky blue skirt I bought and I bought the white crop top in the below outfit mainly for that - it just happens to also go with the white skirt. Considering I'm so pale I thought all white would wash me out but it didn't, surprisingly 

The white crop top was £22 from River Island and will go with numerous items of clothing that I already have in my wardrobe. When I buy new items of clothing or accessories my favourite part of buying the purchase is taking it home and matching it up with other items in my wardrobe to create different outfits.

Also this weekend I finally managed to find a hair dresser that could fix my ombre look. I recently had a hair disaster trying to brighten my ombre which resulted in the salon having to dye my hair dark to fix it. 2 weeks of waiting for this appointment and I am finally happy with my hair.
 So thank you to Brendan for that amazing treat.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Primark Haul - Hayley Joeann

I've been on the ball with haul videos lately, since my spontaneous action of purchasing my boyfriend and I two tickets to see The Kooks in September... in IBIZA.

Check my 2 Primark Haul with an Ibiza inspired themed.


Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion is such a popular trend. With the festival season upon us I've been checking out a lot of festival looks online. These are two of the three outfits I wore for the weekend at Cornbury Festival. The third day was very rainy and busy where there wasn't an opportunity to sneak off for a quick snapshot.

If English weather is anything, it is unpredictable. Being prepared for all types of weather is important. I'm not one to get my legs out often but with the sudden change of weather it was hard to wear an outfit for sunshine and rain. I went with a cute dress from Urban Outfitters with elephant print on and on top of that my boyfriends jumper, which is quite a vintage style.  Styled up with some good old wellies and my new hat from Primark which I featured in my haul.

On a day that was particularly more sunny, I decided it was time to bring out my floral playsuit from Primark which is also featured in my latest youtube haul. Worn with some cute sunglasses bought from another stall at Cornbury and some sandals that were also from Primark. When the sun went in I styled it up with my Miss Selfridge Parka from around 2 years ago, it may be old but it does the job.

Check these looks out on my instagram (@hayleyjoeann) and on my lookbook.

Comment me what you think and if you've done any festival looks on your blog, LINK ME UP :) 

H xo


Monday, 2 June 2014

My River Island Picks

I am obsessed with online shopping. Not so much the buying part, but filling my wish list and basket until my virtual basket is too heavy to hold. 

I am in dire need of a black jumpsuit and I am very keen on this one. The belt round the middle adds a great touch to it. This is perfect for an evening out when you don't want to go too casual but not too dressy. 

I haven't had a one-piece since Primary School but I am feeling that this summer could be the summer I buy myself a fashionable swimming costume. I always play it safe with a standard two piece that's always pretty basic, I am feeling adventurous. I best get back to the gym!

I know, I know. A cami top couldn't be anymore basic, but I am very much loving the front spaghetti cut out straps. It makes a basic cami top a little bit more special. The light blue colour is really lovely and spring like. I can already mentally plan what it would look nice with in my wardrobe.

To start with I shall say now, I am never keen on snake skin but for some reason I like this. The floral pattern stands out more than the snake skin but still, I am not hating it. I love a good blazer, would look really great over a basic cami for example. With something like this, I would definitely need to see it in person to decide if the snake skin works for me or not.

Textured Bikini - Bottoms £12.00 Top £16.00
I have been obsessive over this bikini since it appeared in the 'just arrived' section on my River Island app. I am dying to get to a shop where it's stocked to see it. I am in two minds as it looks great on the website but I've seen a couple of instagram photos of it where it hasn't looked that appealing. I love the colour and the design. I am self conscious about my stomach so I like the fact the bottom piece is a little higher than normal but not fully high waisted.


I did an interview for The Oxford Student.

Click this link to see what I was grilled about in an interview called 'Sweet Charity' !


Today I Wore

Top - River Island (around £12)
Cardigan - New Look £20
Jeans - Topshop £37
Sandals - Clarks (around £45)
Clutch bag - Vintage £5
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters £16


Weekend in the sun

Weekend before last was a lovely weekend. It was my friend Abby's belated birthday celebrations at her parents house. Her mum is actually my boss, isn't it weird how can find friends in such odd places? But I love her, she's great.

We have a lovely BBQ and lots of Pimms in the sun and met some more friends of her friends.
 There was lots of reminiscing of last months amazing night out at McBusted with Tara and Abbey - it is definitely in the best 5 top nights of my life. Without a doubt.


Friday, 23 May 2014

A Day In The Life Of - Hayley Joeann


Baldon House Photoshoot

The last two days I've been preparing wedding looks and shooting at Baldon House in Oxford.
We were very lucky to be allowed inside the property and in the beautiful gardens around. The shoot was done by Ben Robinson.

The aim of the shoot is to put together a portfolio of images to showcase the dresses we have for when I attend Wedding Fairs. It also showcases Ben's work as a photographer.  These are a few snapshots from my iPhone that I uploaded to instagram (hayleyjoeann). I can't wait to see the professional images.

I also filmed a short video of the two days as a 'day in the life of' video, the quality is bad because it's on the camera I used to take out of student nights, which frankly says it all!


Banana smoothies and naps

It seems all I do lately is make banana smoothies out of soggy bananas and take naps with flopsy. Living the dream clearly. No judgement on being almost 23 years old and having a stuffed toy for comfort, which infact I bought when I moved into my own place. I needed a roomie. 


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Saturday night

Saturday night I decided to take a quick snapshot of my outfit for the evening. The dress is to be featured in my next 'Haul Video' but I couldn't hold out on wearing it anymore. 

Dress - river island £25
Denim jacket - Helen & Douglas House vintage shop in Summertown £10
Necklace - Miss Selfridge £3 in the sale!

I will admit now Saturday night was date night, second date with a boy from tinder.
We all love the app at the moment, don't we?

Comment me about how your tinder dates went?   I want to know!


Friday, 16 May 2014



Early night

I cannot wait to get into this beauty after an exhausting week. Walking up some stairs feels like climbing a mountain for my poor foot and I've been snowed under with work. But that's not a complaint, I love feeling busy.

Exciting things to come but first I am looking forward to a nice weekend chilling. I plan to venture out to Aylesbury town tomorrow for a wonder to give my foot a little exercise. But I tell you now, the crutches will be staying at home because no outfit looks good with a crutch.


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doctors Orders

This weekend (counting Thursday and Friday) of resting my foot has been pretty dull. Considering I am quite lazy and love a good night in watching boxsets, when I have to sit on my bum and do that, I don't want to. I found myself wanting to clean, organise and run errands that didn't particularly need to be done. 

If it wasn't for a continuous group what's app conversation with my girls, a brief coffee date with Jason and endless 'penpal' emails I would of definitely lost the will to live. Being stuck in by yourself always results in over thinking, worrying and planning things that are majorly unrealistic.
Like, how I can't afford to spend my birthday in Lapland in a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer.


Beautiful dress, from a charity shop

I don't buy art, I buy fashion to hang on my walls.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Charity Shop Haul Video


I haven't done video for a month now, as I've been super busy on the weekends. What I have been doing is saving a months worth of charity shop buys to show you all! There are only a few items, but some of them are the ultimate charity shop buys.

Give it a thumbs up if you like it!

Also comment on the video on comment on my blog because I love hearing what you guys think and it would be lovely to chat to more bloggers.

Be talkative and friendly!


House bound

Since falling down the stairs 3 weeks ago  finally decided that a trip to a&e was in order. It was a truly horrendous experience - Stoke Mandeville a&e is not the place to be!
Police, drunks, people off their faces on drugs and crying women. I was one of those women but I can assure you I wasn't hysterical like everyone else. 
I argued with the doctor as he "doesn't believe in X-rays". I tell you now, 2 hours in and being told that turned me crazy. Another 2 hours later finally had my X-ray results to be told I've badly damaged my ligaments. So much for a small sprain (which is what my doctor said a week ago). I am officially resting as much as possible, which is hard when you live by yourself.

Working from home for a couple of days helped it's just a shame my coffee table wasn't suited to be a home office. 


Monday, 5 May 2014

My Kylie Jenner moment happened.

6-7 inches of my hair... GONE. It was a stressful and successful hair cut. 


McBusted at the O2, London

I was lucky enough to be given a present recently in the form of a McBusted ticket. Probably the best gift anyone has ever given me, the 12 year old inner child was at her peak listening to McBusted. 

I went along with some new friends I made recently and it was the best night ever! As Abby would say "I'm having the time of my life."


Friday, 18 April 2014

My Topshop Picks

There are many downsides to being stuck in bed poorly, internet shopping is not one of them. I say shopping when I really mean browsing. I am tightening my purse strings until payday, but there's no reason to not plan ahead I say!

Today's picks are from Topshop! I am very much forcing myself out of my black comfort zone with colours but today I couldn't help by picking out a black dress, it's super nice though so I'm allowed.

First I'll start with the Olivia Burton Midi Dial Watch that is £65 from - I've got a little thing for the colour turquoise and big watches so this is clearly meant for me. The website doesn't state the fabric of the band but I would like to say it's leather. £65 is quite a bit of money to me, I may be an ex-student but I am still living like one! However saying that, I can treat myself.

 Going straight across to the blue satchel. I am in love. What a perfect stylish bag for S/S and for £28 you can't really go wrong. I've ordered two satchels from topshop awhile back and returned them both because they were too small. This one is a medium size so that is exactly what I am looking for. 

Down to the Annie Metallic Cami Dress by TFNC from - I know it's not very S/S but it's a gorgeous evening dress. I'm not a fan of getting my legs out these days, considering I gave up looking "tanned" aka orange when I left University as I figured it wasn't exactly a great look, but knee length/just above knee lenth skirts are great for my confidence. The metallic skirt is beautiful and it is well suited with the black cami top. Perfect combination and for £35 is a steal.

Making a left over to the super cool purple sunglasses for £16. I never tend to buy sunglasses that aren't a "neutral" colour because I worry about how they would look on me and how they'd not always match my outfit but something about these glasses has made me fall for them (I make it sound like a boy..). Cateye sunglasses are becoming just as cool as cateye make up (which by the way is very cool). I am so tempted to purchase these.

And finally over to the right is the matching two piece set. I MUST buy a two piece when pay day comes around, I physically cannot control my want for one any longer. This two piece is pretty darn bright which as I mentioned before is slightly out of my comfort zone but I am loving it. It's quite pricey for what it is £35 for the top and £40 for the skirt but I think it could be one of those wardrobe pieces that can be worth the money. I am going to shop around more before I go splashing out on a two piece, but this carnival two piece has really taken my fancy.

My 'Kylie Jenner' moment never happened

So, I never cut my hair off. Infact I never even made it to my appointment because I've been super poorly with tonsillitis (insert major sad face right here). I also fell down some stairs at work on Monday so I've hurt my foot too. I am a poorly girl this week. My life the last 4 days have been bed, my mac and ice pops to sooth my throat. 

I am still undecided on the hair cut! Considering no one commented - I was sad! Guess I'll make this decision all by myself...


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Help needed

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am massively toying with doing a Kylie Jenner on myself at cutting my locks off.

I'll only lose around 3-4 inches as my hair isn't that long. But seeing photos of girls on the internet / old photos where my hair looks long is making me go ummmmm.

I need some peoples opinions as soon as possible. Would this be a cute hair do for me?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A new home phone

I am totally and completely in love with my new home phone! I've been after a nice one for awhile as the phone my place had when I moved in was, shall I say, very dated. It also had the most horrendous ring. After being on the look out for awhile I dedicated last weekend to charity shop shopping in search of a phone. Found nothing, not even a horrid one! There were just no phones! 
I went to work in the Helen & Douglas in Didcot on Monday to do a bit of visual merchandising and sitting in the shop was this beauty. It was definitely meant to be. It also has a lovely vintage like ring to it. Perfect. Even more so for £7! Bargain. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Memory Box


End of an era

Jason no longer works with me and it's the saddest thing ever. Despite it being his last day on Friday, he bought me flowers. Work won't be the same but he'll still be my friend 💗

This text totally and completely made me day.  He's always bang on point. 

Reunited with one of my best friends

I've genuinely just had one of the best weekends in ages. This girl was my best friend for 2 years at college and we were joined at the hip. University separated us but we were back together again which is amazing. I can tell this one anything.  She came to stay with me in Aylesbury and we spent the weekend drinking prosecco, eating food, napping and laughing so much it hurt.

I love how years have pasted but within 2 seconds of seeing eachother it was like I saw her last weekend. Now, that's friendship.


Peaches Geldof

Rest in peace, Peaches.


A selfie kind of weekend

Yo Casper. 

This weekend was an expensive weekend because I went shopping in charity shops and paid for a brand new tyre and the repair for another one. Tyres are not cheap, being an adult sucks sometimes.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

What's in my bag?

My second youtube video is the classic 'What's in my bag?'. I love these videos, it's so amusing to see that so many other girls carry alot of pointless rubbish in their bag, just like I do!
If you like it please give it a thumbs up at the end of the video also feel free to leave some comments, would love to hear from you all!


Weekday off work

Today has been a rare day. A Thursday spent at home. I had some time that I needed to take off so here I am. Spending the day in my little house with my camera making my second vblog while eating a lot of food. Today I lost my granola under a ton of yogurt by accident, oops.

Stay tuned for my vblog!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ideal Home Show

Today my out of office plans were to attending the ideal home show in Earls Court, London. It was a good place to go for inspiration for buying for the Helen and Douglas charity shops. Some great bits and bobs that (no pun intended) would be ideal! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Today I did my first ever haul video!

Pretty nervous to publish my first ever haul video! I've wanted to do one for absolutely ages and today I decided to go ahead and be brave. Hope you guys enjoy it, it's quite different to your average haul - it's not about a highstreet retailer, it's about shopping in a chairty shop, with a twist. 


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spring trade fair - Birmingham

My job becomes more amazing and fun every month. This week I spent 2 days away from the office at the Spring trade fair in Birmingham. I went with my good friend / work colleague Sarah and we had a really good time. It doesn't feel like work if you enjoy what you do. We looked around so many different stalls collecting details of companies we can buy from. We did however buy in some handbags there and then. We bought in a style of bag I picked, which was exciting for me! I enjoy buying in stock, this is something I hope I can more of. Without tooting my own horn, I think be got a bit of a talent for it! As when I helped pick the Christmas cards for 2014 I seemed to be picking out the best sellers without even realising it.

Staying over night in a hotel was quite exciting. I've never had to stay over night anywhere for work. Sarah and I went out for dinner and cocktails and really enjoyed our evening. We were in bed by 10 in preparation for day 2 of the spring fair. 

Below are some photos from my Instagram (hayleyjoeann) from the two days in Birmingham. The vintage style phones are one of my favourite things we saw.  

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