Friday, 31 January 2014

Oxford Fashion Week

I haven't been apart of OFW since the beginning in 2009 but I just want to say how PROUD I am of my friend Cara. She's amazing and beautiful, I feel like a proud mother. She was the model for my final project at University and it was a total pleasure working with her. Mainly because I made a nice friend out of it!

Check this out, she's amazing.


Thursday, 2 January 2014


I think it’s great for two people to be together. That is a good number. I think, that to keep it alive though, you can’t spend every day together. It wears out the magic, Love means nothing to me if it’s not fortified with fierce, painful longing, brief explosive instances of furious passion and intimacy and then a sad parting for a time. In that way, you can give your life to it and still have a life of your own. I think some couples spend too much time together. They flatten out the potential for experience by constant closeness. Passion builds over time like steam. Let it rage until it’s exhausted and then leave it alone to let it build up again. Why can’t love be insane and distorted? How can it be vital if it has the same threshold as normal day-to-day experience? Why can’t you write burning letters and let your nocturnal self smolder with desire for one who is not there? Why not let the days before you see her be excruciating and ferment in your mind so on the day you go to the airport to pick her up, you’re nearly sick with anticipation? And then when desire shows the first sign of contentment, throw it back in its cage and let it slowly build itself back into a state of starved fury. Then when you are together, it all matters. So that when you look into her eyes, you lose your balance, so that when she touches you, it feels like you have never been touched before. When she says your name, you think it was she who named you. When she has gone, you bury your face in the pillow to smell her hair and you lie awake at night remembering your face in her neck, her breathing and the amazing smell of her skin. Your eyes go wet because you want her so bad and miss her so much. Now that is worth the miles and the time. That matches the inferno of life. Otherwise you poison each other with your presence day after day as you drag each other through the inevitable mundane aspects of your lives. That is the slow death that I see slapped on faces everywhere I go. It’s part of the world’s sadness that’s more empty than cold, poorly lit rooms in cities of the American night.

- Henry Rollins

Tartan Obsession

I wish tartan would remain as a trend forever more. I absolutely adore it and I am constantly trying to control myself from looking at more tartan items to add to my wardrobe. So far my trouers and scarf are my absolute favourite. Especially because my scarf came from the Midsomer Murders costume wardrobe - not bragging or anything…
However, I am falling in love with dark tartan scarves and I am feeling a must have situation coming on with this Maclaren Mod Locharron Check Scarf from Topshop.

The simple dark colours mean it can go with so many items in my wardrobe. Sometimes I find my red tartan scarf doesn't go overly well with certain outfits which is a shame. This scarf has the right colour palette to match most of what is hanging in my closet.


Thursdays Outfit

Today I wore a simple outfit to the office. A long sleeved dress with PVC hems around the neck and wrist, with a biker studded gilet. On top was my bargain coat, £45 from £65 in Dorothy Perkins. This coat I bought for work, fashionable and smart for when I need it most. It's super warm and cosy with its detachable fur collar. These Topshop boots are my favourite, I bought them over a year ago and they're serving me well. 

Coat from Dorthory Perkins
Dress from Miss Selfridge
Boots from Topshop
Gilet from Primark

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