Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spring trade fair - Birmingham

My job becomes more amazing and fun every month. This week I spent 2 days away from the office at the Spring trade fair in Birmingham. I went with my good friend / work colleague Sarah and we had a really good time. It doesn't feel like work if you enjoy what you do. We looked around so many different stalls collecting details of companies we can buy from. We did however buy in some handbags there and then. We bought in a style of bag I picked, which was exciting for me! I enjoy buying in stock, this is something I hope I can more of. Without tooting my own horn, I think be got a bit of a talent for it! As when I helped pick the Christmas cards for 2014 I seemed to be picking out the best sellers without even realising it.

Staying over night in a hotel was quite exciting. I've never had to stay over night anywhere for work. Sarah and I went out for dinner and cocktails and really enjoyed our evening. We were in bed by 10 in preparation for day 2 of the spring fair. 

Below are some photos from my Instagram (hayleyjoeann) from the two days in Birmingham. The vintage style phones are one of my favourite things we saw.  


Wantage is a good night out

I've been enjoying my new found single life very much. Plenty of nights out with great friends. I haven't laughed so much in ages.

Wantage is a small town (which id prefer to call a village) but it has a decent pub and the pre drinks pub is a good price. 


Weekend with my girls

We may of been one girl down but it was nice to have my girls down the stay with me in Aylesbury. Only we could turn monopoly into a way to get drunk. 
Good friends are rare. 

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