Friday, 18 April 2014

My Topshop Picks

There are many downsides to being stuck in bed poorly, internet shopping is not one of them. I say shopping when I really mean browsing. I am tightening my purse strings until payday, but there's no reason to not plan ahead I say!

Today's picks are from Topshop! I am very much forcing myself out of my black comfort zone with colours but today I couldn't help by picking out a black dress, it's super nice though so I'm allowed.

First I'll start with the Olivia Burton Midi Dial Watch that is £65 from - I've got a little thing for the colour turquoise and big watches so this is clearly meant for me. The website doesn't state the fabric of the band but I would like to say it's leather. £65 is quite a bit of money to me, I may be an ex-student but I am still living like one! However saying that, I can treat myself.

 Going straight across to the blue satchel. I am in love. What a perfect stylish bag for S/S and for £28 you can't really go wrong. I've ordered two satchels from topshop awhile back and returned them both because they were too small. This one is a medium size so that is exactly what I am looking for. 

Down to the Annie Metallic Cami Dress by TFNC from - I know it's not very S/S but it's a gorgeous evening dress. I'm not a fan of getting my legs out these days, considering I gave up looking "tanned" aka orange when I left University as I figured it wasn't exactly a great look, but knee length/just above knee lenth skirts are great for my confidence. The metallic skirt is beautiful and it is well suited with the black cami top. Perfect combination and for £35 is a steal.

Making a left over to the super cool purple sunglasses for £16. I never tend to buy sunglasses that aren't a "neutral" colour because I worry about how they would look on me and how they'd not always match my outfit but something about these glasses has made me fall for them (I make it sound like a boy..). Cateye sunglasses are becoming just as cool as cateye make up (which by the way is very cool). I am so tempted to purchase these.

And finally over to the right is the matching two piece set. I MUST buy a two piece when pay day comes around, I physically cannot control my want for one any longer. This two piece is pretty darn bright which as I mentioned before is slightly out of my comfort zone but I am loving it. It's quite pricey for what it is £35 for the top and £40 for the skirt but I think it could be one of those wardrobe pieces that can be worth the money. I am going to shop around more before I go splashing out on a two piece, but this carnival two piece has really taken my fancy.

My 'Kylie Jenner' moment never happened

So, I never cut my hair off. Infact I never even made it to my appointment because I've been super poorly with tonsillitis (insert major sad face right here). I also fell down some stairs at work on Monday so I've hurt my foot too. I am a poorly girl this week. My life the last 4 days have been bed, my mac and ice pops to sooth my throat. 

I am still undecided on the hair cut! Considering no one commented - I was sad! Guess I'll make this decision all by myself...


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Help needed

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am massively toying with doing a Kylie Jenner on myself at cutting my locks off.

I'll only lose around 3-4 inches as my hair isn't that long. But seeing photos of girls on the internet / old photos where my hair looks long is making me go ummmmm.

I need some peoples opinions as soon as possible. Would this be a cute hair do for me?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A new home phone

I am totally and completely in love with my new home phone! I've been after a nice one for awhile as the phone my place had when I moved in was, shall I say, very dated. It also had the most horrendous ring. After being on the look out for awhile I dedicated last weekend to charity shop shopping in search of a phone. Found nothing, not even a horrid one! There were just no phones! 
I went to work in the Helen & Douglas in Didcot on Monday to do a bit of visual merchandising and sitting in the shop was this beauty. It was definitely meant to be. It also has a lovely vintage like ring to it. Perfect. Even more so for £7! Bargain. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Memory Box


End of an era

Jason no longer works with me and it's the saddest thing ever. Despite it being his last day on Friday, he bought me flowers. Work won't be the same but he'll still be my friend 💗

This text totally and completely made me day.  He's always bang on point. 

Reunited with one of my best friends

I've genuinely just had one of the best weekends in ages. This girl was my best friend for 2 years at college and we were joined at the hip. University separated us but we were back together again which is amazing. I can tell this one anything.  She came to stay with me in Aylesbury and we spent the weekend drinking prosecco, eating food, napping and laughing so much it hurt.

I love how years have pasted but within 2 seconds of seeing eachother it was like I saw her last weekend. Now, that's friendship.


Peaches Geldof

Rest in peace, Peaches.


A selfie kind of weekend

Yo Casper. 

This weekend was an expensive weekend because I went shopping in charity shops and paid for a brand new tyre and the repair for another one. Tyres are not cheap, being an adult sucks sometimes.

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