Friday, 23 May 2014

A Day In The Life Of - Hayley Joeann


Baldon House Photoshoot

The last two days I've been preparing wedding looks and shooting at Baldon House in Oxford.
We were very lucky to be allowed inside the property and in the beautiful gardens around. The shoot was done by Ben Robinson.

The aim of the shoot is to put together a portfolio of images to showcase the dresses we have for when I attend Wedding Fairs. It also showcases Ben's work as a photographer.  These are a few snapshots from my iPhone that I uploaded to instagram (hayleyjoeann). I can't wait to see the professional images.

I also filmed a short video of the two days as a 'day in the life of' video, the quality is bad because it's on the camera I used to take out of student nights, which frankly says it all!


Banana smoothies and naps

It seems all I do lately is make banana smoothies out of soggy bananas and take naps with flopsy. Living the dream clearly. No judgement on being almost 23 years old and having a stuffed toy for comfort, which infact I bought when I moved into my own place. I needed a roomie. 


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Saturday night

Saturday night I decided to take a quick snapshot of my outfit for the evening. The dress is to be featured in my next 'Haul Video' but I couldn't hold out on wearing it anymore. 

Dress - river island £25
Denim jacket - Helen & Douglas House vintage shop in Summertown £10
Necklace - Miss Selfridge £3 in the sale!

I will admit now Saturday night was date night, second date with a boy from tinder.
We all love the app at the moment, don't we?

Comment me about how your tinder dates went?   I want to know!


Friday, 16 May 2014



Early night

I cannot wait to get into this beauty after an exhausting week. Walking up some stairs feels like climbing a mountain for my poor foot and I've been snowed under with work. But that's not a complaint, I love feeling busy.

Exciting things to come but first I am looking forward to a nice weekend chilling. I plan to venture out to Aylesbury town tomorrow for a wonder to give my foot a little exercise. But I tell you now, the crutches will be staying at home because no outfit looks good with a crutch.


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doctors Orders

This weekend (counting Thursday and Friday) of resting my foot has been pretty dull. Considering I am quite lazy and love a good night in watching boxsets, when I have to sit on my bum and do that, I don't want to. I found myself wanting to clean, organise and run errands that didn't particularly need to be done. 

If it wasn't for a continuous group what's app conversation with my girls, a brief coffee date with Jason and endless 'penpal' emails I would of definitely lost the will to live. Being stuck in by yourself always results in over thinking, worrying and planning things that are majorly unrealistic.
Like, how I can't afford to spend my birthday in Lapland in a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer.


Beautiful dress, from a charity shop

I don't buy art, I buy fashion to hang on my walls.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Charity Shop Haul Video


I haven't done video for a month now, as I've been super busy on the weekends. What I have been doing is saving a months worth of charity shop buys to show you all! There are only a few items, but some of them are the ultimate charity shop buys.

Give it a thumbs up if you like it!

Also comment on the video on comment on my blog because I love hearing what you guys think and it would be lovely to chat to more bloggers.

Be talkative and friendly!


House bound

Since falling down the stairs 3 weeks ago  finally decided that a trip to a&e was in order. It was a truly horrendous experience - Stoke Mandeville a&e is not the place to be!
Police, drunks, people off their faces on drugs and crying women. I was one of those women but I can assure you I wasn't hysterical like everyone else. 
I argued with the doctor as he "doesn't believe in X-rays". I tell you now, 2 hours in and being told that turned me crazy. Another 2 hours later finally had my X-ray results to be told I've badly damaged my ligaments. So much for a small sprain (which is what my doctor said a week ago). I am officially resting as much as possible, which is hard when you live by yourself.

Working from home for a couple of days helped it's just a shame my coffee table wasn't suited to be a home office. 


Monday, 5 May 2014

My Kylie Jenner moment happened.

6-7 inches of my hair... GONE. It was a stressful and successful hair cut. 


McBusted at the O2, London

I was lucky enough to be given a present recently in the form of a McBusted ticket. Probably the best gift anyone has ever given me, the 12 year old inner child was at her peak listening to McBusted. 

I went along with some new friends I made recently and it was the best night ever! As Abby would say "I'm having the time of my life."

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