Saturday, 10 May 2014

House bound

Since falling down the stairs 3 weeks ago  finally decided that a trip to a&e was in order. It was a truly horrendous experience - Stoke Mandeville a&e is not the place to be!
Police, drunks, people off their faces on drugs and crying women. I was one of those women but I can assure you I wasn't hysterical like everyone else. 
I argued with the doctor as he "doesn't believe in X-rays". I tell you now, 2 hours in and being told that turned me crazy. Another 2 hours later finally had my X-ray results to be told I've badly damaged my ligaments. So much for a small sprain (which is what my doctor said a week ago). I am officially resting as much as possible, which is hard when you live by yourself.

Working from home for a couple of days helped it's just a shame my coffee table wasn't suited to be a home office. 


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