Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bikini Season

I always seem to find that when bikini season comes around it's my favourite brands such as River Island and Topshop that let me down. These stores appear to only design and make bikinis for small girls with small boobs.

It's frustrating to say the least that I always fall in love with numerous fashionable bikinis and realise that even a size 16 cup won't fit me. Despite I am a size 10-12. Some girls have boobs, I am one.

Surprisingly,  I have started to discover how great Tesco Clothing is. My mum has always shopped at Tesco so I thought it was quite a 'Mumsie' place to shop until last year when I would see her in a nice outfit and ask where it was from, her answer would always be 'Tesco'. I since then have relocated and now spend my working days across from a Tesco where they sell clothes and I can't seem to help myself with popping in for a drink or a sandwich to have a quick snoop in the clothing section. Each time there is something new I love and I think about for days on end until I purchase it.

So, when bikini season came round my first thought, as always, was River Island - where I was majorly let down. My spirits were quickly brightened when I realised that Tesco had a really amazing range of bikinis that are fashionable and made for women with boobs - halleijauh.

I've started my holiday shopping early as September isn't exactly the best thing to buy your summer outfits. I've picked up two gorgeous bikinis from Tesco:

I am obsessed! These two designs are similiar of something you would find in your highstreet stores but they are for girls with boobs and empty purses. 
Each top was £8 and each bottom was £5. 

I am eagerly awaiting more bikinis in Tescos so that I can add to my collection.

Bring on Ibiza! Thanks Tesco.


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