Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Years Eve Dress // OOTD

We all need a great dress for New Years Eve. Whether you're going to a huge party (formal or not), down the local pub or even to a friends house - a dress is needed.
As it stands I have no plans for New Years Eve and the question is, do I stay in or go out? For this festive season I was kindly sent this beautiful Biba Lace Maxi Dress from House Of Fraser which I think makes an ideal NYE dress.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Birthday OOTD

I turned 24 on the 24th December. I spent the afternoon in Bath with my fiance wandering around the beautiful streets, visiting the Roman Baths and having lunch in Jamie's Italian. Surprisingly the streets weren't crawling with men shopping for their better halves, which is what you'd assume any town to look like on Christmas Eve. It was such a lovely afternoon and a great way to spend my birthday. On the morning of my birthday I opened up my gifts in bed with a cup of tea in hand and I opened up an Olympus Pen Camera with an extra lens. I am the luckiest girl to be given such an incredible gift for my birthday. We both set up the camera (my fiance is the technical one of us two) and brought it with us to Bath for the day. Here are some of the photos we took on the camera, I am seriously impressed with the quality and cannot wait to spend 2016 taking incredible photos.


Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day Make Up // Blogmas Day Twenty Four

Welcome to the end of Blogmas, I decided to end it here as Christmas Day is for family, food and fun - not blogging. This has been a fun (and at times hard) month on my blog. I've never participated in Blogmas before and one lesson has already been learnt: plan ahead fully. Planning ahead in parts does not make Blogmas an easy journey. I've really enjoyed reading lots of new and exciting blogs over this month and even watching what feels like 101 vlogmas videos everyday. Hats off to all those who completed Blog and Vlogmas, you bloody trooper.

I thought I'd leave Blogmas here with what I will be wearing make up wise on the festive day. Nice and simple.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Evening Dress // Blogmas Day Twenty Three

There's one half of us that like to spend Christmas day in festive PJs and Christmas jumpers but there's the other half who like to put on a gorgeous dress to mark the occasion. A little black dress is the perfect outfit for an occasion and I am in love with this gorgeous Biba Jersey Dress which was kindly sent to me from House of Fraser (unfortunately at the start of blogmas it was available online, however sadly it's not). It's super comfortable for an evening and it's not skin tight so it doesn't matter about eating 80% of the cheese board. This shape suits my figure well and this is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe from now on. Above is my dressed up Christmas day outfit, once I've managed to get myself out of my Christmas PJs that is.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Bedding // Blogmas Day Twenty Two

As we are three days away from Christmas I thought it was time to share my festive duvet cover. I've seen what feels like hundreds of different Christmas duvet sets all over the Internet this month and I have loved them all. It seems everyone else in the world loved them too because I struggled all month to get one I really loved in a king size. Big thanks to Oxford Primark for having this amazing duvet cover in stock because I have now fulfilled a long lived dream, to have a festive bed. What makes me very happy about this (I know you're wondering what more could I be pleased about) is that this set is brushed cotton so it's incredibly cosy and snug. I already have a brushed cotton fitted sheet and I can only describe my sleep these days as like sleeping in a cloud. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

2016 Goals // Blogmas Day Twenty One

Before you think this is going to be a "new year new me" blog post, let me assure you it won't be. If you want to become a new version of yourself then you don't need the 1st January to do that. All that new year new me BS isn't for me.

I've got resolutions that aren't "get fit", "grow my hair" or "get a boyfriend". Although to be honest, my hair needs to grow for my wedding.  

Saving money for the wedding
I'm getting married in 2017 so 2016 is a full 12 months of saving hard. I may have to cut down on the make up purhases but it's all for our dream day. Ill even need to control myself when I'm in doing the food shop because I love Tesco clothing!


Sunday, 20 December 2015

5 Things Not To Do At The Office Christmas Party // Blogmas Day Twenty

You either love or hate the work Christmas party. Getting together with people you work with for dinner and drinks can sometimes be a good laugh, if you like them. These get to togethers happen once a year so it's not too bad in the grand scheme of things - if you don't like them you only have to suck it up for one night. However, when the wine (and maybe even tequila speaking from experience) is flowing it is sometimes hard to remain professional. 

So for you I've got the top 5 things not to do at your work Christmas do

1. Get totally drunk.
Obvious one really. When you're drunk, your rowdy personality comes out and you might start effing and blinding in front of those you shouldn't. You may also start singing, dancing and slurring your words which could lead to honest opinions of your colleagues appearing. Bob might not want to know about how much you hate his bum fluff beard. If you want a job by the end of the night, watch those beverages. 


Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Favourite Festive Songs // Blogmas Day Nineteenth

We all love a good festive song to get us in the mood for Christmas. They're all over the radio, in every retail shop, public transport and even in waiting rooms of the dreaded dentist. I absolutely love hearing a Christmas song as it gets me in the mood for beer drinking, game playing and wearing fun and tacky Christmas Jumpers.

I thought I'd share with you my favourite songs of the season - they might even be your favourites too. 

Spice Girls - Christmas Wrapping


Friday, 18 December 2015

Stocking Fillers For Her Under £5 // Blogmas Day Eighteen

Stocking fillers often get left till last. We are all too busy buying main gifts, stocking up on food and buying all the Prosecco in sight that the stockings sometimes get left behind. If you're on a last minute stocking filler hunt then welcome to my stocking filler gift guide for under £5. All for girls, all for under £5 and all from the same place which means you only are paying postage once. Ideal!

We all need a diary so why not get this super cute Paperchase 2016 diary online with ASOS. It's super small, super cute and SUPER sparkly. Such a useful and lovely gift.

Why not make sticky notes more fun with speech bubbles. Ideal for those who loves going through a magazines and folding pages, who needs some post its for University work or even those who enjoy leaving fun notes around the house. It makes being organised fun.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Festive Lipstick // Blogmas Day Seventeen

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe? Whoever it may be, you're going to need a very festive red lipstick for them to smudge. I've picked 4 shades of lipstick that I am loving for this festive time of year. Drugstore, affordable and good quality - the three things we all like in a lipstick. Any lipstick lover at this time of year has to have the perfect red lip so if you're looking to invest and aren't sure which reds are worth buying, I am here to assist.

Rimmel Moisture Renew 660 In Love With Ginger

If you're after a super vibrate red that'll keep your lips nourished and soft then this is ideal. I really like how bright this lipstick is and it looks pretty darn good against pale skin. It's quite orange toned but is a great red lipstick. I like to wear this with dark colours, almost like a statement piece. If you're pale with dry lips, this is is a great lipstick to try.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Lush Haul // Blogmas Day Sixteen

It wouldn't be Christmas without a festive bath or 6. Lush Christmas bath products are all that you will see on any bloggers Instagram right now, because we like to be all over the festive soap. I am so excited by these products as most of them I've never used before. I thought I'd do a quick blogmas post on these beauties and tell you what makes them lush (pun intended) and why I decided to buy them.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub // Blogmas Day Fifteen

My lips need some major TLC at this time of year. They're constantly craving moisture and in need of an exfoliate to refresh.  I've tried lip exfoliaters costing £5 to £15 and at the end of the day, they all do the same. You're really just paying for the brand and the flavour. I have started making my own homemade lip balm by following this recipe and adding my own flavoring. Brown sugar lip scrubs will always smell of brown sugar but adding an extra sweet flavour makes it delicious.

I made my lip scrub with brown sugar and peppermint extract - it smells divine.


Brown Sugar
Coconut Oil (or Olive Oil if you prefer)
Peppermint extract (or any flavour you like)
Container to keep it in


Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Cookies // Blogmas Day Fourteen

I will start by being honest and saying this image above isn't mine and you can view it here.  I am no Merry Berry by any means but I love a bit of a baking session, especially when they turn out edible. My cookies turned out somewhat different but you can't have a bad opening photo on blogmas!

I found a great recipe online to make some Christmas cookies and I decided to go with making some tree, snowfakes, candy cane and gingerbread man shaped cookies. My end result was not as good as I'd hoped but they tasted great - so that's something.

  Follow the recipe below to create your own Christmas Cookies.

You will need:
  • 470g plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 225g butter or cooking margarine
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
  • Green food colouring
  • Red icing sugar (pen)
    White Chocolate Stars (or any decorative bit you'd like I went with White Chocolate stars)

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Gift Guide For Him // Blogmas Day Thirteen

Men are nightmare to buy for because they never really want anything. No matter how many times you ask them or how many ideas you throw their way, they just don't have a clue. If you're in need of a little inspiration on what to get your husband, boyfriend, brother or father then look no further. I've got some great gift ideas to put under your tree. 

A Book
If the man in your life isn't much of a reader then an autobiography is a good way to go, if you don't want to go down the fiction/non fiction route. Speaking from experience any non reading male will appreicate a book on his favourite actor or footballer. There are so many options out there that you'll be plenty to choose from.

A Shirt Nice 
Shirts aren't something guys like to buy themselves as "one good shirt is enough". So why not add to their wardrobe with a smart yet casual shirt. The one featured is a Criminal Mercer long sleeved shirt from House of Fraser, you can click here to have a look at it. It's down in price and is an absolute bargain, my fiance loves it. I think a good quality shirt is a great gift and it's even something they could pop on for Christmas day itself. The perfect gift!


Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Perfect Christmas Highlight // Blogmas Day Twelve

Christmas time is a time to make your make up a little more special. With all the festive parties, drinks and dinners popping up every weekend means you've got to perfect your Christmas look.

I have been loving one particular highlight for a few weeks now and it's my absolute go to. The Mary Lou-manizer gives you the ultimate glowing highlight and will last an entire evening. 

The pigmentation is strong and the shimmer really does shimmer, which is why I think it's the perfect addition for a festive look. The powder is incredibly soft and smooth which creates a soft and youthful look to the skin when applied. It's a gold beige colour that gives a incredible golden glow. I've suits all skin tones according by the reviews I've read, my skin is quite pale and it suits me really. This is a multiple use product and can be used to highlight the cheek bones and also as a glowy eyeshadow. I love using it as an eyeshadow but my main and favourite use for it is a highlighter as it makes my cheek bones really stand out, especially when blended into my contour.

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Christmas Tag // Blogmas Day Eleven

I've been excited to do the Christmas tag and it seemed fitting today, after all it is 2 weeks exactly till Christmas!

1. When do you start getting excited for Christmas?
November! That's when the build up for me starts to begin. I think about Christmas all year round for multiple reasons though. My birthday is Christmas eve, I buy in Christmas cards for the charity I work for and generally, Christmas and winter is my favourite time of the year by far. I look forward to it always!

2. Do you still have advent calenders?
Absolutely! You're never too old for an advent. My mum always sent me money to buy one because I don't live at home anymore. This year I told her to keep her money and get herself one, but I am grateful of her offer. Instead I bought myself and Brendan two Thortons chocolate calendars and I bought myself a Ciate nail varnish calendar from TKMaxx for half price - excellent!

3. What are your favourite Christmas film?
If I had to pick one, The Grinch. I just absolutely LOVE it. When I was younger I wanted to be a Whoo! I did a blogmas post on my top 5 Christmas film which you can read here.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Christmas Traditions // Blogmas Day Ten

There is something so comforting about repeating the same actions year on year, for any occasion. You may have the same meal on each birthday or visit the same location on an anniversary. But the ultimate traditions are the ones you have at Christmas because they start from a very young age. 

Only slightly have my Christmas traditions changed since I was born (Christmas day was the day after...) and that is the the male face around our Christmas tree. My mum, my sister and I are now joined for the second year by Brendan, my fiance. But the rest of our traditions still stand yet we are making new ones with him.

It's my entire Christmas day routine that is a tradition, with only minor tweaks as I've grown up.

Waking up in our family home
I've been lucky enough to grow up in the same house and still have the luxury of going back even after moving out. I love the fact I've celebrated Christmas in the same house for the last 24 years, that's really special to me. I know one day I will have to wake up in my own house, but I'm not ready for that just yet.

Opening my Christmas stocking
My mum still gives us a Christmas stocking every year, it's progressed from toys to chocolate and nail varnishes (with the odd toy for fun). The first thing I do when I wake up is empty the stocking out on the bed and see what cuteness my mum has put together. The second thing I do is wake my sister up, however this has also changed. She'd kill me now if I woke her up at 7.30am so I either send my mum in or drop her a text to inform her it is infact Christmas day and she should wake the hell up!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Best Christmas Films (With A Twist) // Blogmas Day Nine

One of the best aspects of Christmas is the films that you can watch judgement free. I say judgement free because you should see the look on my fiance's face to me watching a Christmas film in the Summer months... 

My top 5 Christmas films to watch.

Love Actually
What a film. With so many different storylines within the film there's no reason to get bored. It's romantic, it's funny and it's emotional so I feel it ticks all the boxes that make a great film. It's old school and some of the actors and actresses have majorly evolved in their careers and I love watching this film knowing how far they've come. 

The Holiday
Most people say Love Actually is their favourite Christmas romantic film but for me it's all about The Holiday. It's a great storyline of paths being crossed and love blossoming in the festive period. It's a really funny and interesting film, I even find myself thinking of it and referencing it through the year. If that's not enough to make you watch it, Jude Law is in it which is a great selling point.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Gift Guide To Giving Back // Blogmas Day Eight

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with your friends and families. Eating lots of food, drinking wine and playing fun games. Something I think about each year, ever since I started working for a charity, is what about the others who are less fortunate than me and what about the causes that need to raise money to offer their services. A service for supporting the homeless, cancer sufferers or children with life shortening conditions... just to name a few. 

I donate to charity as much as I can in the form of money, clothes, food and bits and bobs from home that could be of use or sold to raise money. I volunteered for a hospice charity during my time at University, helping out with anything I possibly could to support the cause. I now work full time with them because I'm so passionate about it. I think it's really important to be selfless and to do things for others, that don't benefit you. So why not start this Christmas? No time like the present. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to give back:

Serving Food At A Homeless Shelter
Christmas day is a popular time for people to volunteer to serve food to the homeless, so why not join? The more help the better. I know that homeless shelters do struggle for volunteers in the evening so why not spend some time helping out after you've spent time with your family, I am absolutely sure others will appreciate your time. It's important to remember you are lucky to eat a hot meal everyday and that others don't get that luxury.

Volunteering In A Charity Shop
A good time to volunteer in a charity shop (apart from always) is after Christmas. Donations come in thick and fast once everyone has had a clear out to make room for their new bits and bobs. You could spend a couple of hours in the week, or even on the weekend helping a charity shop sort through donations and prepare them for sale. Charity shops are a huge income source for charities but it's a hard job and they majorly rely on volunteers. So why not become one. I work for a children and young adults hospice with charity shops in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire. We always need volunteers in our shops so if you're interesting in getting involved with us, my email is in the contact section of my blog.


Monday, 7 December 2015

What's In My Winter Handbag // Blogmas Day Seven

I have many a favourite winter handbag so I am constantly changing handbags, however the contents of them remains the same and I've got my winter essential items that come out with me every day. 
I find it's important to be prepared throughout the day and I like to have something for every occasion or problem. I'm not as bad as I used to be, I used to carry everything and the kitchen sink.

Lets keep this short and sweet with my winter handbag essentials.

A bobble hat.
It's freaking freezing at the moment and despite having long hair that I wear down, my ears get so unbearably cold. A hat is really important for me to keep my ears warm but also to keep my hair flat as the winds at the moment are doing my hair no favours. This bottle hat is from Topshop and I also have a matching scarf, ideal really. I used to feel silly wearing bobble hats but I'm at an age now where I stop caring about what others may think and just want my ears to be warm. Does this mean I am getting old? Oh god...

I love my special gloves that I also have in black. For every blogger and avid phone user, you'll need gloves that allow you to use your touchscreen phone and these are that. They're such a genius idea! I picked a two pair set up from Tesco for £3 and I can't be without them now. You can successfully unlock your phone and write a text, but I wouldn't go as far to say you'll have to ability to create a blog post or focus your camera on your hot chocolate in Starbucks, they're not that advanced... but they do the job. For me, these are ideal as I spent a lot of time traveling around and walking to and from shops, so my fingers get cold and I get unhappy.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gift Ideas For Her (Or You) // Blogmas Day Six

I've put together the flip side of Blogmas Day Five with creating a more realistic gift guide which works in two ways. One way is that it gives the men in our lives a remote idea of what women like but it also works as good inspiration for the women out there who have no idea what they'd like for Christmas. It's so hard to decide what you'd like for Christmas and I am sure we are all experiencing the multiple text messages and phone calls from our loved ones saying "what can I get you for Christmas, you still haven't told me, what do you want?!". The older we get the harder is becomes to decide because we want less. We are growing up which means we don't want a baby born or some Playdoh and that handbag we've been obsessing over in Topshop we've already purchased because we are independent women! This leaves us in a difficult place each festive season.

The items I've picked are mid to expensive price ranges because each person and family work differently. I know in my family my Mum every year gets us one main (a more pricey) gift and little (on the cheap side) bits to go with it because we like to avoid buying too much small stuff that will just end up in a charity shop. Some bits on this post I have actually asked for myself others are just some great ideas.

Coats can be quite expensive if you're looking for great quality and style. I absolutely love this coat from River Island, it didn't quite make it onto my own personal list but I love it nevertheless. Asking for a coat for Christmas is a great idea as it is something we all need but don't always want to splash out on ourselves. This coat is on the pricey side of £75 but you don't have to go with this exact one (even though it's amazing), and if you do want an expensive coat why not make it a main present to ask for.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

My (not so realistic) Christmas Wishlist // Blogmas Day Five

We all have dreams. My dreams are in the form of getting married, buying a house and having children. But my dreams also come in the form of make up and handbags - not that this would come as a surprise! My Christmas wishlist this year is actually quite empty, a couple of Lush bath bombs and a faux suede jacket will do me fine. It's not all about the money at Christmas so if you supply me with multiple great bath time experiences, I am seriously happy.  However, I wanted to welcome you into the unrealistic wishlist that I have in my back of my mind, it's pretty long and spectacular so here are a few bits that I love the most. 

Let me start off by saying I have wanted an Oak natural leather Mulberry Bayswater bag for what feels like my entire life. I have this dream of going to New York for the first time and buying a Bayswater whilst I am out there, I am not sure where that dream came from but it's there! So ideally, the unrealistic present here is that I must travel to NY and buy this bag - somehow it's turned into a far more expensive idea than just a designer handbag... 

I am often day dreaming about an endless supply of Mac lipsticks. I have really become obsessed with Mac since buying my first two lipsticks a couple of months ago. I can't quite believe what I've been missing out on with these amazing lipsticks. The quality, pigmentation and lasting effect are incredible. I now want so many colours I don't know where to start with my purchasing. Rebel, Media and Verve may be a good place to start.


Friday, 4 December 2015

Essential Winter Beauty Products // Blogmas Day Four

Our skin and hair take a beating during the winter months. The cold air dries out our skin and the rain and wind make our hair brittle, which can lead to some quite bad hair days. 

It's important to have a good selection of product to keep your skin and hair looking great this season. 

Emma Hardie Super Rich Body Butter
This product is ideal to soften the skin, as it's an all over body butter which is super thick and nourishing. The smell is a tad odd in my opinion, Citrus Jasmin and Rose mixed together does make for quite an odd scent but it's doesn't put me off. My fiance told me I smelt like a cup of tea, so how bad can it really be? I don't use this on my face as my face is far more sensitive than anywhere else, I only use it on my legs and arms to keep them soft. I picked up this up for £12.99 in TKMaxx which is my new favourite place for products. 


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter Wardrobe Essentials - Highstreet Stores // Blogmas Day Three

Winter fashion is my favourite type of fashion. Give me a faux fur gilet over denim shorts any day of the week. Layering up, wrapping up warm and wearing coats is all it takes to make me happy. When it comes to a winter wardrobe I have a few essential items that are an absolute must. 


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Beauty Gift Guide £10 & Under // Blogmas Day Two

This time of year is when the struggle begins because trying to find gifts that are lovely, pretty and worth the money you pay can become consuming task. We all want to make our friends and loved ones feel special and treat them, without breaking the bank. With this in mind, I have put together 5 of my favourite beauty gifts that are all under £10.

For me, value for money has always been important and that was something I considered with each of these gift ideas. I hope you can take a little inspiration from this mini £10 and under gift guide when starting your Christmas shopping (if you haven't already!).


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Festive Smells - Yankee Candle Gift Set // Blogmas Day One

It's December 1st and I am feeling festive. If you're not ready for Christmas so early on then I suggest getting some Christmas Yankee Candles in your life. Get some festive smells into your nostrils and I guarantee you'll be feeling festive within minutes.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Evening Skincare Routine // Youtube

I have recently nailed my skincare routine and I am reaping the benefits of it. My skin has never felt firmer, looked more healthy or been so blemish free. Finding the right skincare routine for your skin can take some time, or if you're anything like me, it'll take years. You'll go through a ton of high-street and high-end products, the search will feel never ending and you'll constantly be thinking "I bet there is something better about there...". I finally feel that I have found perfect products that work for me and my skin type so I thought it was about time to share my secret.

I have uploaded a video onto my YouTube Channel of my evening skincare routine and you can watch that here. Keep reading for details and reviews of the products featured in that video.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Autumn Lookbook // YouTube

I have mentioned on a couple of occasions for a few weeks via Twitter and Instagram that I've been filming an Autumn Lookbook and it's finally finished! I decided to showcase 3 of my most loved outfits for this season, the ones that I have been reaching for everytime I open my wardrobe doors. Autumn, like most, is my absolute favourite time of year. I am definitely an end of season girl because I like the colder days, the autumnal colours and definitely the winter fashion. 

Give me a warm jumper over some denim shorts any day. 


Monday, 9 November 2015

Turkey Vlog Part 1 and 2 // Youtube

It's been awhile since I came back from Turkey but considering what an amazing holiday it was, I am not over it just yet. Brendan and I did so many amazing things like paragliding, camel riding, a jeep safari AND we got engaged which is the best part of the entire holiday. I am very much ready for winter now and I have really enjoyed the short lived Autumn season that we have had but I can't stop flicking through my holiday photos and watching the two vlogs we made from our trip. Please check them out below if you'd like to see all the fun we had or click here for my YouTube account where you can take a peek at lots of other videos too!


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Biba Feather Blouse // House of Fraser

I've been working on an Autumn lookbook of my 3 favourite outfits for this season for my YouTube Channel which is going up next week and I am really excited to share it with you all. One of my favourite pieces from my lookbook is this beautiful Biba feather printed lace panel blouse. I was lucky enough to be gifted this shirt by House of Fraser and I cannot wear it enough. My favourite way to wear it is tucked in my new skirt from New Look, wearing my Clarks boots on my feet and with a long sleeved black top underneath for warmth. The Biba top is quite see through but means you can wear it in different ways. You can get some layers going with a long sleeved top underneath that gives a background to the blue feather pattern, with a strap or cami top or if you're super daring (unlike me) you could ever wear a suitable bra underneath on a night out.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Beauty Review: Mac Lipstick Twig & Diva

Considering I blog about beauty products, I've never bought any Mac make up until now. Don't ask me why or even how I haven't bought into this well known and extremely popular brand because I just don't have an answer. 

I've always wanted to buy a Mac lipstick, it's just never been my go to brand when I want a new lipstick. But with two trips to an airport in 1 month, I couldn't avoid Mac any longer. What's better than duty free beauty brands? Nothing!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A City Break // Amsterdam

I have just come back from a couple of days away in Amsterdam and it was beautiful.
Amsterdam has always had me in two minds. I never wanted to go because of cannabis, I have a passionate hate for it and the smell it has but I did always want to go to explore the city and ride bikes around the streets and parks. For my Mums birthday in October, I decided instead of presents that she probably doesn't even want/need, my sister and I would take her away for a couple of days to ride bikes and drink coffee. It's something she's wanted to do and so have I, so it seemed like the best possible gift! Sometimes adventures and memories are far better than physical gifts (although I did leave flowers in her house and buy her a necklace that she wanted... I love gift giving!) My negative thoughts of Amsterdam have completely disappeared because the beauty overran my silly preconceptions.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Holiday Outfits from House Of Fraser

Before I went away on the most amazing holiday of my life (multiple reasons for that!) I was lucky enough to be gifted two beautiful pieces of clothing from House Of Fraser. Even though it is now October and Summer is officially over, this is a great time to head to the sales and pick up some key pieces for Summer 2016. Sale shopping is a tricky business because you don't want to purchase 2015 trend items. However, key and simple pieces are the best way to go because they can be reflected into your wardrobe - whatever the trend!


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Make Up Storage // Muji Drawers

I have the storage I've always wanted for my make up. Clear, plastic drawers that are simple and Instagram perfect. Here is where I keep my main go to make up that is current or new. It might not be my everyday look but it is frequently used. I have always wanted these clear plastic drawers from www.muji.eu/ and now I have them, I am a happy bunny. I am keeping my make up visual so that I don't forget to use some of it. Having my make up in normal drawers before made me frequently forget what I had and the looks I could create. Let me talk you through my storage thought process.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's In My Hand Luggage // Vacation to Turkey

Summer may be over but I am about to get on a plane for my Summer holiday to Turkey. Packing to go away for a weekend is difficult let alone 12 days abroad. I am writing lists, making piles of things in corners and laying out outfits on the floor trying to decide what on earth to take. But the easy bag to pack is my hand luggage.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Top 3 Go To Products

Everyone has their go to make up products that never fail them. Even when you move on to try something new, you always go back to what you know best. Because it just works.

I definitely have my go to products which I will always be using, or have half used ones that I will come back to after my obsession with another product dies down or has left me feeling disappointed. 

I have been buying this powder for as long as I can remember. Since I started wearing makeup properly at 12-13 years old, which means I've been buying this powder for 10 years. Wow, suddenly I feel old. Age 12-13 is when the foundation and winged eyeliner phase hit me. Translucent or natural for my pale skin and tempting touch for when I have a tan (natural or from a bottle). I started buying this because it was a good colour match, the powder felt soft on my skin, it was affordable for me and because my Mum told me to. I often branch out to other powders, for example right now I am testing out a Maybelline Matte Powder which I like but no doubt after I am finished (or bored) I will dig out my Creme Puff. At £6.99 a compact it's affordable for most people and it does last a really long time as you only need a little each time you use it. I tend to use it in the morning and have a quick touch up after lunchtime for the rest of the day. It gives my skin a nice glow and is a great setting powder for my foundation. I am in a long term on and off relationship with this powder.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

My Everyday Make Up Routine (For Pale Skin)

Click here to see the video on my channel.
My first ever make up tutorial, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and create video on everyday make up for pale skin, which is one of my most frequently searched videos on YouTube!


JewelleryBox.co.uk // Review

I savored the moment of opening this adorable Jewellery box gift from the Big Blogger Conference.  I am a sucker for good packaging and this ticks all my boxes. Simple, cute and very Instagram worthy. The Jewellery Box stand at the conference was the most attractive and interesting. They had an incredible display and endless gorgeous pieces. The prices for the jewellery are super affordable and reasonable, which pleases my bank account. There are many pieces online that I am pining over. However, right now I am enjoying what I found underneath all the wonderful packaging.

Sass & Belle Make Up Bag // Weekend Away


I am in love with my new Sass & Belle make up bag. It's quite large so is probably meant to be used as a toilteriary bag... But for me, I use it as the bag that holds all my extra make up that I need for a long weekend away. I'm off to a holiday park down south with my family 'in law' to celebrate Brendan's dads 70th birthday. 4 days away means a lot of additional make up is needed, but I had to select the must haves so I don't end up packing several suitcases. What I love about this make up bag is not only the cute super print, which is SUPER cute with the two loved up foxes but also the size and quality of the bag. It's long enough to house my beloved Naked 2 palette and wide enough for my large tub of Elizabeth Arden Face Cream. The quality is great and I know it's going to hold all that I need without looking too bulky.


5 things I like to do in the Autumn.

September has arrived and that only means one thing, Winter is on its way!
My favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter by a mile. Chunky knit scarves, boots, coats, oversized jumpers and snuggling up with a blanket while it's dark, cold and rainy outside. Perfection. 

I thought I'd share my top 5 things to do now that the winter months have arrived.


Friday, 11 September 2015

The Reality Of Getting A Good Picture

I love a good typical foot shot on a beach. I couldn't resist taking this photo while on the beach in Hastings recently. Unfortunately, if you scroll a tad further you will see the reality of focusing upon taking a good photo. You forget your surroundings.


Saturday, 22 August 2015

How I get soft & shiny hair // Product review

Not to toot my own horn but my hair is in amazing condition at the moment. Which is great considering it has had many years of changing every colour of a Dulex palette. I often get a compliment about how soft my hair is and how shiny it looks which makes me feel pretty darn good. Who doesn't love a good compliment?

 The products are 4 different brands that all bring something different to the table... I mean... my hair. I  adore my hair care routine and it is working wonders to maintain healthy hair.

The first step of my hair care routine is the Shampoo is called Fairly Traded Honey by Lush and I absolutely swear by this shampoo. I use it as a daily shampoo (every other day that is...) and also as a treatment shampoo for my scalp Psoriasis. The formula is thick like honey but the smell is only faint. When I first started using this shampoo over a year ago I went a bit overboard with how much I put on my hair - you only need the smallest amount for a light lather. This shampoo is incredible for my scalp Psoriasis and I genuinely think doctor should prescribe it! It soothes my itching, moistures the dry patches and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3 Visible Difference products by Elizabeth Arden // Review

Elizabeth Arden products are definitely my kind of products because they are a dream for my oh so sensitive skin. When I really like a product, I enjoy looking at the history of the brand and every single product that they have to offer. It's remarkable to know that Elizabeth Arden is over 100 years old and knowing she brought red lips to the suffragettes is incredible. The brand has made a large indent of the world of beauty, that is for sure.

The 8 hour cream is a beauty legend and if you're a beauty lover and not aware of what that product is, where have you been?  I've only converted over to the 8 hour cream in the last year or so but have always been aware of its wonderful ways. I don't know how I got by before I owned my own bottle, it's my go to product for, well, everything. Lips, hands, nose (for those colder months) and that odd dry patch on my body. Multiple uses in a product makes them a keeper.

I could rave about the 8 hour cream until I am blue in the face but it is not the topic of my post. The topic is my 3 favourite products (so far) from the Visible Difference collection.

These products are now apart of my everyday skincare routine and they're some of the best I have ever experienced. I will be honest, out of the 3 products I am about to talk about there is 1 that perhaps I am not completely in love with and it dips in and out of my routine, due to the fact I already have a favourite that cannot be replaced. For me, the cleanser cannot beat my 'take the day off' from Clinque - but this is definitely up there with being one of the best.

Lets start off with the visible different gentle hydrating cleanser/tone duo that I picked up from feelunique.com for a bargain price of £18.00 - which you can now pick up at a better price of £16.20 by clicking here. It's an incredible price difference when they're £18.00 each in store. I adore a good due set from feel unique. I bought these products with the hope that them being clinically and dermatologist tested, they would cleanse and tone my skin without causing irritation. I can safely say, there hasn't been any irritation with these and my skin has never looked better. 

The toner absorbs easily into my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. There is no tightness or stinging from the product which I always found happened using other high end brands. This is part of my routine after cleansing and it refines my pores really well for when I want to apply make up. I've dabbled in many a toner, but using this has changed the way my skin feels and looks. It feels as if I am toning my face with something as pure as water but am left with a pore refining result. Magic.

The cleanser isn't a constant in my skincare routine because I do slightly prefer another but I do like to dabble with it as it is still up there on the favourites list. This cleanser has a creamy and moisturising formula that has a lovely consistency when rubbing into my face and when rinsing. One of the many ingredients in this product is Oatmal which I have learnt in recent months is incredibly good for my skin type (which is sensitive and prone to irritation). This is a great hydrating cleanser for those with dry (and sensitive skin) and I enjoy popping this into my routine every once in awhile. There is no smell to it, other than the smell of cream (if that makes any sense) and that is a selling point for me. Fragranced products aren't great for sensitive skin.

My third product is the refining moisture cream complex. This is my absolute favourite face cream, dare I even say it, ever. It's so nourishing and thick when you rub it into your skin but doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy.  It's an amazing night cream, I put on a little bit more for extra nourishment before bed as it has time to sink in during my sleep. With a light amount used it is also a great day cream and an even greater base for makeup. I bought this product on a whim in the airport in Barcelona (not at all for the good duty free prices) and have welcomed it with open arms into my daily skin routine. I was prone to have a really dry edge of the nose and since using this product, that isn't a problem anymore. My skin now has a smooth texture and any dry patches that once were, are gone. I couldn't locate this product on the official Elizabeth Arden website or feelunique.com but I did find it here, incase you're interested and wanted to take a peak.

I don't often say that I will repurchase an item because nine times out of ten I decided to move on to bigger and better things (or sometimes worse) - mainly because I never adore a product and enjoy the results it gives. These products will definitely be repurchased when I get through them all. I couldn't imagine my skincare routine being any other way. 

Have you used any of these products and felt the same as me? Or can you recommend anything else that is suitable for sensitive skin? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Tesco Clothing Haul (F&F) - YouTube

If you missed my new upload on YouTube, here it is!
I just wanted to show you guys my great pieces from Tesco.
Enjoy :) x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lush Milton Keynes Blogger Event // 12th August 2015

Yesterday was my first blogger event. I was extremely nervous to attend an event where I didn't know anyone. I had such a busy day that the nerves didn't kick in until I was stood outside the Lush shop in Milton Keynes. I am so glad I put myself out of my comfort zone and attended because I had the best time and met some great girls!

The event started with a quick game which I decided to call 'catch the shower gel goo'. As my title suggests, we had to catch some shower gel (shower jelly to be precise) and then tell everyone our names, blogs and what we blog about. Sods law that me, being as nervous as I was, had the ball thrown to them first. We went round everyone and it was great to hear what topics were blogged about and everyone's creative blog titles.

We then sectioned off into 3 groups to rotate around the room to experience different products. The first session was bath products which included bombs, melts and soap. I had a bath education to be told about breaking up bubble bars under the tap to get lots of bubbles. I've always dropped it in the bath like a bomb which doesn't work as well - so I've learnt! It was great to test out a few bath products I'd never used before and be talked through each ingredient by a professional. These Lush ladies know it all! For me with such sensitive skin, knowing ingredients is important.

The second session was about feet, hands and body lotions which isn't a a topic I knew much about, regarding Lush products, so this was interesting for me. Lots of different options for scrubs for feet and exfoliating products. I am so sensitive with products so I only tried a few as I didn't want to aggravate my skin with the coffee scrubs and highly scented lotions. Some of them smelt yummy and one (the name completely escapes me) smelt like playdoh! I definitely ruined that product for a couple of people because that's all anyone could smell after I said that... oops.

The final session was all about shower products, gels, scrubs and butters. It's been awhile since my last trip to Lush so I was out of the loop with a new product - shower jellies! What an incredibly weird product, but it caught my attention! I wish I purchased one now but I had too many favourite items, and some just didn't make the final cut. They will make the second cut however! The ladies in Lush played a game of guessing the ingredients, where we were blind folded while they popped different products under our nose. I was one of the first two to take part and frankly, I was rubbish. My first jelly was a lemon flavour which I said smelt like cleaning products (in my defence, my cleaning products smell wonderful.) The second scent was pine cones and... forest. I didn't guess that because it smelt fresh - that was a difficult one!

I had such a good evening, the Lush staff were so welcoming and put on a great evening for us all. I met some lovely girls who were really fun to chat with. It's so lovely to mix with other bloggers because it's like making lots of friends who you already know you will have something in common with. Even some that I didn't get a chance to speak to, we all linked up on Twitter to chat and even today I've spent most of my day chatting with a really nice girl from last night. 

Overall, I majorly enjoyed the event and meeting some local bloggers. I have picked up a couple of products that I never had considered purchasing, but the advice from the staff with what would work for me was great. So without further ado, here are my purchases alongside my lovely goody bag.

The goody bag had a couple of tester pots and a bath bomb, The Experimenter. The Experimenter is the most beautiful, brightly coloured bomb I've seen for awhile. I've seen it in action as a tester at the event and it's mind blowing. The scent is very strong and perfume like, you can definitely smell the citrus in it. I cannot wait to pop this in my bath. I also had a couple of testers which were 'wash that man right out of my hair' shower gel, 'go faster feet' foot lotion and 'cup o' coffee' face mask. These products were part of the sessions during the event so keen to try these out at home and see if they do work for my skin.

I picked up a couple of products up of my own as well. A good favourite of mine is the Avobath (green bomb) with avocado and olive oil. It is so nourishing for my sensitive skin. This bomb is one that I always pick up without fail. Also in the photo above is a new product I haven't tried before which is Ceridwen's Cauldron - and I cannot wait to try this. This was part of the tester in the bath products session and I got to test it in a bowl of water, it felt so nourishing and milky. It's great for sensitive skin as the ingredients are coco butter, walnut oil and lavender oil to name a few - all very soothing and softening. The advice from the Lush ladies was that this can last for more than one bath and you can use this directly onto your skin as well as leaving it in the bath. Multiple baths and multiple uses.

Above you'll see The Experimenter which I already mentioned but with this is The Milky Bath and The Comforter. The Milky Bath (milk bottle shaped bomb) is super cute. I like the design and it smells very fresh, almost like clean washing. Sounds silly, but I really like the fact that it's got milk in. There are lots of different oils and butters in it too which will turn your bath into a milky, nourishing dream. I am really looking forward to a milky bath. The Comforter (pink bath bomb) smells ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. My favourite smell by far. It's so sweet and delicious, a strong scent of cherry. It really reminds me of cherry flavoured drinks I had as a child. This is my first bubble bar and I had a quick lesson in how to use it as well. What is great about the bubble bars (especially large ones) is that you can get 2 or even 3 baths out of them - now that is value for money! I've not had such a sweet smelling product before, due to keeping an eye on the ingredients but I thought I'd go wild and try something different because the smell was so enticing.

The last item I picked up was something I had considered awhile ago, as I've always wanted to try a conditioner so I went with American Cream. I swear by 'Fairly Traded Honey' shampoo for my scalp as I have Psoriasis on my scalp, but I've always wanted a really great nourishing conditioner that could do more for more hair than a standard everyday conditioner. I am so looking forward to using this, my hair will smell like vanilla and the creamy texture will hopefully nourish my hair and make it lovely and soft. I am not one for vanilla flavours but I am all over this and it's not a potent smell, so for me, this is a winner.

Only one way to know how I get on with these products and that is to tune into my YouTube Channel to see if these products make it into my end of my month favourites. Stay tuned.

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