Sunday, 8 February 2015

Spring Fair Trade Show - Birmingham

This week I spent two days in Birmingham with my best friend (and fellow colleague) Sarah at the Spring Fair Trade Show. Trips like these are the greatest as buying in new stock is my favourite, if not THE favourite part of my job. We walked around endlessly for two days meeting with new potential wholesale companies and making lists and notes of what products we see that are a must by for us. 

The Christmas section is often my favourite, it's probably sharing a top first place with the handbag section. Sound like I'm living in my daydream describing that... 

 I definitely want a cute Christmassy car with the number plate - FESTIVE. 

We saw gorgeous furniture for a potential pop up furniture shop we may be doing which was inspiring my brain for Brendan and I's further house. For example these drawers were gorgeous.

Suitcase drawers were a crazy cool idea, probably not for my future house but definitely a great idea in general. 

I'm mildly obsessed with Disney. When I said mildly I mean it. I refuse to be a 22year old who can't get out of everything Dianey, who is obsessed to the core and references it in day to day life. (I reference all ten series of friends in day to day life... Might have a problem there.) anyway, getting back to the point, HELLO AT THE CUTENESS OF THESE FIGURES 

 After a hard day of walking miles and miles around amazing rooms we head back to our usual luxury travelodge hotel and have bit of down time before we get dressed and go to our now, usual place for dinner. 
Thanks to B for my skort which he got me for my birthday. I enjoy spending time getting ready now, doing my makeup and things (not my hair, my hair is forever boring). Since just before Christmas it's like I had woken up with a sudden interest in make up. Since these the two following items have been my best friends. 
I feel like my new makeup love needs a post of it's own. Coming soon perhaps! 

We had a lovely (filling!) dinner together with a couple of cocktails to end the night. Sarah's been my "boss" and my best friend for gosh, 3 or 4 years and it's so weird and crazy but she's exactly like me. I always remember at first when we worked together thinking that she didn't like me because she was so quiet - turns out she's just shy! Couple of years on and our friendship is great. I literally love this woman. 

Meanwhile at home in Aylesbury my boyfriend was experiencing some lovely snow and I think... I THINK... He might have missed me? As I woke up at 4am (thanks to some drunk guy outside my hotel window) to a late night picture message of the following: 

I am the luckiest girl of them all :)


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