Saturday, 7 March 2015

Muji Makeup Drawers

Today my Muji makeup drawers arrived and I feel like a kid at Christmas. After wanting some clear draws for as long as I can remember I finally decided earlier in the week to order some. 

This 5 draw beauty holds my entire lipstick collection, my go to blushes and bronzes and my nude toned pallets. Also with an extra draw to hold all my Benefit samples from my 2014 advant calendar. 

What I love about these drawers, other than them making my makeup collection become organised, is the fact they are clear. I (among many other 20 something girls) I forget what make up I have when it is buried in my bedroom drawers. Being able to see what I have through this drawers means I can step outside the contents of my makeup bag some days without trying to track down certain items. 

I already want another set to sit neatly on top to hold extra pieces and new lipsticks that I have my eye on. I am obsessed with the tidy chic style these have. 

If you're looking for a way to store your makeup, may I suggest these draws from Muji.

I am keen to know how others store their makeup. Let me know!


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