Sunday, 12 April 2015


For a day trip to London to chill out with my best pal I decided a chilled outfit was needed, for well, chilling.

I'm obsessed over my new Nike Air Pegasus trainers I bought a week ago. I've been in need of some comfortable (yet fashionable) trainers for awhile so that somedays I can escape my normal go to shoes which are my Chelsea boots.
Black and white trainers are ideal for me as those two colours I seem to wear very often.

So this is today's outfit... Excuse the wind blown hair.

Cardigan - Primark
Top - Vintage (charity shop)
Jeans - Tesco
Trainers - Office
Bag - New Look
Glasses - Ray Ban

You're probably wondering two things from this outfit. 
One being "do Tesco sell ripped jeans?" No they do not, this is a DIY project. I was in need of some new black jeans as this pair were fading fast so I decided to purchase a new (blacker) pair from Tesco (because Tesco jeans are so comfortable) and give these jeans the snip. Not too bad at this whole being creative thing am I?
The second thing you may be wondering is why I am wearing glasses. No, they are not fake and I'm not attempting geek chic. My prescription has recently changed and now I need to wear my glasses more often. My short sight wasn't great, especially at a computer and now my long sight isn't great either, so glasses it is! Still getting used to wearing them to avoid hideous headaches, but I'm getting there. On the plus side, they improve some of my more boring outfits which I appreciate. 


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