Monday, 25 May 2015

Homeware Haul - Hayley Joeann

I have just uploaded a new homeware haul video so please go over and check it out !


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sick day

Sunday day time I thought I had bad hayfever. By Sunday night time I thought I had trying-to kill-me hayfever. And by Monday morning I was definitely poorly. I seem to have is lovely virus that developed very quickly. I called in sick today which I despise doing because I get anxiety over having to explain that I'm ill. I just assume everyone would think I'm lying and have gone out on a wonderful day out, even though I haven't, and even though I know no one would think that. Stupid, huh? I've always had a complex over this. Bring back to days your mum would ring in for you.

To pass this horrendous time of being off sick (while still doing emails...) I watched a lot of Once Upon a Time and drank milkshake in a fancy glass. Doing a simple something in a special way always makes me feel good.

I also had a dramatic bath as I now know that jacuzzi tubs and bubble bath are a crazy mix - lesson learnt. 


Thursday, 14 May 2015

My New Arm Candy

Please meet my new piece of arm candy, my pale pink shopper from Mango.


During my trip to Barcelona, it was only right that I went into a Mango store. I love Mango, but only abroad. There is something about the UK Mango stores that is so boring and dull and they are often full of silver puffer jackets. What fashion conscious women would be seen dead in a puffer jacket? This is something I want answering! Mango abroad seems to always be very appealing to me. This isn't the only purchase I made from Mango but it's the first one to get a mention on my blog. This bag I bought in the Mango at the airport on my way home. Just when I thought I'd finished the holiday shopping (just when my boyfriend had thought I had too) there infront of me, was a Mango in the airport. With an hour or so to kill I thought I might as well browse which is how I found this bag in the sale section for 19.99 euros. Hello bargain! Our left over euros just so happened to be a 20 note, now convenient and meant to be was that. Very. A thank you goes out to my boyfriend for allowing me to spend our last note on something for myself - what a babe. I am loving this bag so much at the moment. I am actually trying to create as many outfits as possible to continue using it everyday, I am almost at my 7th outfit in a row - go me! It's so light and flimsy which I really like. I am often all about the structured bags but I'm enjoying the look of a more relaxed and slouchy bag. There's no extra shoulder strap which I am used to, but the two straps are long enough to go on your shoulder which none of my current handbags do, so this impressed me very much. The colour is bang on for Spring, even though Spring has turned into dark skies and rain - but fear not, I am still using this bag.

I made two other purchases from Mango on my trip to Barcelona so watch this space - they are equally as awesome... if not more!

Love H. x

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Spring Lookbook for my Barcelona Holiday

Instead of taking photos and doing an ordinary post about what I wore on my holiday to Barcelona this Spring, I decided to do my very first Lookbook video for my YouTube channel.

This is my first ever Lookbook which I am pretty excited about. It was super fun to shoot this and with it being my first one it was all a bit of a rookie project, I can already see in some many places where I would of liked to improve if I had the chance. You live and you learn! I decided not to talk over the clips and to write a blog post about these outfits. I would like to state now that I know there is a black mark on the camera lens during one of the outfit clips, and trust me it's annoying me as much as it is probably annoying you.
But I can't exactly head back to Barcelona to re-shoot... or can I?

Here's my video - please give it a thumbs up if you liked it!

My first outfit is a short and sweet clip in the video as it was my England to Barcelona outfit. This consists of: Black jeans from Tesco, giraffe shirt from H&M, denim jacket from a vintage shop, Nike trainers from Office and a white handbag from New Look. This outfit is casual and comfortable which is all you want when you're traveling on a plane, and in my case a plane which was delayed. I have never been a big trainer wearer but since they've come back into fashion lately I decided that perhaps I should invest in some comfortable footwear for those long days where I am on my feet and am dressing down. I am officially in love with wearing trainers and I hope to expand my collection over due course. You may have noticed the golden knot bracelet I am wearing, which is from River Island - it's support to be the eternal love symbol in knot form, I think it's pretty quirky.

My second outfit is a stylish playsuit from New Look which I bought mainly to wear to work, so that I could wear something smart yet light and floaty for those sunny days. I dressed this down for Barcelona by wearing a thin denim shirt from Primark which I left open and some white converse that I picked up from the airport. My necklace is a simple golden 3 layered chain from Topshop which is actually getting a tad old and turning green... yum. My baby pink 60s inspired sunglasses are from Next and I adore them. I took two pairs of sunglasses with me on holiday but the second pair never left the hotel room, these Next sunglasses just seemed to go with everything I had packed. My watch is a little unclear but I am wearing my Kate Spade watch with mother of pearl face and nude strap. I've been obsessing over this since I was given it for my birthday.

My third outfit is a plain and simple outfit. A plain white t-shirt from New Look, jazzed up with a blue and white floral scarf from Primark with a necklace from Topshop underneath. My high waisted shorts are a little short in the leg for my liking these days (think I am getting old before my time) but it was 28 degrees so my legs were in need of these shorts which are from River Island. I paired this outfit with the same handbag and shoes as the outfit before. I didn't pack many options for footwear and handbags, because I had only taken hand luggage so you have to pack semi light! I felt this white bag was the safest option to take as it's practical with the shoulder strap and because white went with all my planned outfits.

My last outfit is a gorgeous plain white dress with a netted croshay pattern. It's so simple and pretty that when I saw it in H&M, I couldn't leave without it. This outfit was a simple but effective one, in my opinion, I felt really nice that day. The dress really stands out and I've toned down the 'overdressed' side of it with my converse and a light denim shirt which I took out most days to keep my shoulders covered from the sun and also to cover them out of respect when we went into churches and religious areas. What I like about this dress its that you can tone it up by pairing it with evening shoes for a night out. I very much like and appreciate outfits that can be transformed from daywear to nightwear.

For the evening I had packed a pair of white sandals from Primark but each evening Brendan and I went out for dinner or drinks, it was too dark to continue my Lookbook. I pretty much wore the same outfit in the evening as I did in the day, so you didn't miss much!

Let me know what you think of my first ever Lookbook and if you liked any of the outfits shown. It's difficult to be your full "fashionable" self when you're limited on space in a carry on suitcase but I feel as those I did my best to mix and match, to pack light and to show my fashion sense through what I was wearing from a limited wardrobe of options.

Love H. x

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