Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Welcome To My Sanctuary

When I am home alone, my bedroom becomes my sanctuary. I should say 'our' bedroom because I do live with my boyfriend, not that you'd notice by the amount of pink in the room. As it's decorated with white furniture and pastel coloured objects, I think I can claim the room slightly. The only manly items that made it into the room are a couple of autobiography's by footballers which sit at the bottom of Brendan's bedside table. That's where the manliness starts, and stops.

Tonight is a prime example of how I relax in my sanctuary. I've already had a little pamper time by painting my nails in a beautiful peach colour, cleansing my face and applying my gradual tan to build it up for this weekends outing. But now it's time to light a yankee candle (currently loving Morning Blossom), grab my laptop and have some me timing reading blogs or better yet, watching Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars. If it wasn't a night for tan, I'd definitely have spent an hour in the bath tub reading my book or singing along to Taylor Swift. Such a typical 20 something girl, aye? But that's how I enjoy my time. Hair scrunched up onto of my head, pjs on, glasses on and settling down with a bottle of water. Wine on the weekends, of course. I drink a lot of water (which is why I pee more than anyone) because it helps keep my skin clear and I enjoy the refreshed feeling.

After a bit of time reading a couple of blog posts and drafting a few of my own, it is time to read a chapter or three of my book and then fall asleep. I am still reading 'Sleep Tight' by Rachel Abbott... I say still because I've had it for about 6 months which from what I hear, isn't normal. I go through phases of being heavily into reading and then not at all. However, I am slightly hooked at the moment as I am getting very close to the end and things are getting tense!

If you're interested in knowing which blogs I have been reading lately then click the links below to see all three of these beautiful blogs created by beautiful girls.  <-- my adopted friend - she's a babe.


Monday, 13 July 2015

What's In My Bag? (Makeup, Psoriasis Treatment and Stuff) - Hayley Joeann

Don't forget to watch my 'What's in my handbag?' video up on my channel.


Casual Sunday

Minimal make up days are one of my favourite. The only reason I slapped my Clinque tinted moisturiser  (and eyebrows) on was because there was a very much needed food shop to be done. This outfit slightly condescends on my last outfit post, where I praised myself for not wearing black but it's ok to still wear black, just not everyday. That's my new rule.

Whenever I get the chance to treat my Sunday like a Sunday, I dress down or dress in pjs, fact. If I am heading out for a couple of hours, whether it be a trip to the shops or to get petrol or anything else boring that you do on a Sunday, bare make up is a definite. So are trainers, comfy jeans and a tshirt. I wash my hair every other day which means, every other day I dislike my hair. This happened to be one of those days. I solve my dislike for my hair the best I can and this time round I decided to plait my hair down one side. I did this by starting on my right side, grabbing as much hair as possible, then plaiting it through (round and down) to drop down my left side. I am not the best at this, hence no photo, but I am trying to be better at hair. Trying being the key word.

Jeans: Tesco (cut knees myself)
Top: Tesco
Trainers: Nike
Bag: Topshop
Necklace: Primark... which is barely noticeable!


Sunday, 12 July 2015

What's in my evening handbag...

In theme with my Sunday YouTube video being all about what's in my everyday handbag, I couldn't help but take the time to approach the difficult thoughts every woman has: What shall I put in my evening bag?

An evening bag is a fraction of the size of your everyday bag. I'm not good at maths but I can tell you now that means you need to divide up all your items and select the most worthy to assist you and leave the rest at home. It's always such a difficult decision to make because you've got the basic stuff that you have to take such as purse, keys and phone. Which means the only items left to make it into your bag, is your make up. Why oh why do you have to sacrifice make up...

Your brain is turning the cogs to decide what you need most. Tonight are you concerned about your eyebrows? Your lipstick? What about your oh-so-perfectly-done winged eyeliner?  Sometimes you just cannot take it all! It's a difficult decision and one that I personally know, I do not take lightly. I have been seen to try to cram it all in my bag but I quickly realise that this would mean I cannot shut the damn thing. I also sometimes contemplate the need to get into my house after a night out so that I can swap my keys for my powder? But then a reality check comes in and I realise I am being drastic. Maybe.

For me, the most important makeup items are brows and winged eyeliner... ok, and maybe lipstick. But these are the small bits that I can squeeze in all those tiny gaps between my phone and purse. I am always reluctant to leave behind my powder but needs must. I cannot be seen to have eyeliner with no wings and one good brow and one non good brow because someones decided to touch them (speaking from experience).

I can only imagine that all other women have this dilemma. I am now curious to know what your must have make up items are for an evening out?

H xo

60s Inspired - OOTD

I am in love with my new front buttoned denim skirt. I wore it with my white floral netted top (almost like a fashionable doily) from Tesco tucked in and on my feet I went with my white sandals from Primark. My white ostrich print bag is vintage, St Michael's. I bought my bag as brand new vintage, still in the packaging with tags on - what a find! I felt like I was rocking a 60s style look with my skirt and my 60s inspired sunglasses from Next that stayed perched on my head. It wasn't sunny enough to wear them but they always do a good job of holding up my floppy fringe.

The skirt is my favourite feature of this outfit, it looks a tad creased in my photos due to driving to and from Milton Keynes for a small shopping trip. It's a great length for me as I don't tend to do 'short' skirts.

Recently I seem to have grown in confidence with wearing new items of clothing, that perhaps a year ago I'd not have felt overly comfortable to wear. I would always wear black and hardly ever get my legs out due to being self conscious of my pale skin. I am now purchasing clothing items I used to look at in lust but leave behind. It's a big step each time I leave the house without wearing anything black, seems silly, but it's a big deal to leave your comfort zone. But I tell you now, I feel better for it. I really loved yesterdays outfit, really really.

What's your comfort zone?


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New Purchases

I haven't bought any homeware for ATLEAST a 2 weeks...
I couldn't help myself when in Aylesbury today to look in the homeware section in Tesco. It's my favourite Tesco, as the clothing and homeware is always on point.

In the sale section I found this little gem, an adorable cushion that says "be your own kind of beautiful". Which was only £6! I had to double check the price with customer service because I couldn't quite believe the price. It was the last one so it was absolutely meant to be. Am I right? (Yeah). 

I also had a detour in Boots to pick up my exfoliater. It's a total given that I go into Boots for one thing and come out with five. I picked up some other goodies that I am excited for. The soap and glory body wash smells yummy and has almond, oats and sugar in which are all very good for my skin. Let's see if my skin appreciates this, as I am oh so sensitive. My two new revlon lipsticks I am very excited to try. If you have read any of my other blog posts you'll know how my lips are and how lipsticks are not my friend so fingers crossed these stay on my lips! The face wipes are self explanatory and my facial scrub has already made its way into last month favourites, it's a good one. Let me know if you like any of these new products? Opinions please :)


Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites - Hayley Joeann


My New Topshop Dress

I am all about simplicity which is why I adore my new grey dress from Topshop. The skater skirt does well for my hips (which aren't on the tiny side) and I really love the high neck. What I love about simple outfits is the way that I can dress it up in my own way, with different accessories and different jewellery. This dress was a good price too, £20. I can dress it up for work and down for those casual days.

Today I went home for a few hours for a BBQ with my boyfriend. My mum put on an amazing spread of food for us and my sister. It was sunny but not hot so a cardigan was a must.

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Toms from Schuh
Black: Topshop
Necklace: New Look

I really liked the casual but nice feeling I had today with this outfit.


This evening I spent some time in the nearby park with my boyfriend having a picnic. We packed up a basket with some sandwiches and snacks for dinner and rode our bikes down the road. It was a lovely evening.

Top: New Look
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Watch: Kate Spade

A few extra photos from the evening... 

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