Sunday, 12 July 2015

60s Inspired - OOTD

I am in love with my new front buttoned denim skirt. I wore it with my white floral netted top (almost like a fashionable doily) from Tesco tucked in and on my feet I went with my white sandals from Primark. My white ostrich print bag is vintage, St Michael's. I bought my bag as brand new vintage, still in the packaging with tags on - what a find! I felt like I was rocking a 60s style look with my skirt and my 60s inspired sunglasses from Next that stayed perched on my head. It wasn't sunny enough to wear them but they always do a good job of holding up my floppy fringe.

The skirt is my favourite feature of this outfit, it looks a tad creased in my photos due to driving to and from Milton Keynes for a small shopping trip. It's a great length for me as I don't tend to do 'short' skirts.

Recently I seem to have grown in confidence with wearing new items of clothing, that perhaps a year ago I'd not have felt overly comfortable to wear. I would always wear black and hardly ever get my legs out due to being self conscious of my pale skin. I am now purchasing clothing items I used to look at in lust but leave behind. It's a big step each time I leave the house without wearing anything black, seems silly, but it's a big deal to leave your comfort zone. But I tell you now, I feel better for it. I really loved yesterdays outfit, really really.

What's your comfort zone?


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