Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Welcome To My Sanctuary

When I am home alone, my bedroom becomes my sanctuary. I should say 'our' bedroom because I do live with my boyfriend, not that you'd notice by the amount of pink in the room. As it's decorated with white furniture and pastel coloured objects, I think I can claim the room slightly. The only manly items that made it into the room are a couple of autobiography's by footballers which sit at the bottom of Brendan's bedside table. That's where the manliness starts, and stops.

Tonight is a prime example of how I relax in my sanctuary. I've already had a little pamper time by painting my nails in a beautiful peach colour, cleansing my face and applying my gradual tan to build it up for this weekends outing. But now it's time to light a yankee candle (currently loving Morning Blossom), grab my laptop and have some me timing reading blogs or better yet, watching Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars. If it wasn't a night for tan, I'd definitely have spent an hour in the bath tub reading my book or singing along to Taylor Swift. Such a typical 20 something girl, aye? But that's how I enjoy my time. Hair scrunched up onto of my head, pjs on, glasses on and settling down with a bottle of water. Wine on the weekends, of course. I drink a lot of water (which is why I pee more than anyone) because it helps keep my skin clear and I enjoy the refreshed feeling.

After a bit of time reading a couple of blog posts and drafting a few of my own, it is time to read a chapter or three of my book and then fall asleep. I am still reading 'Sleep Tight' by Rachel Abbott... I say still because I've had it for about 6 months which from what I hear, isn't normal. I go through phases of being heavily into reading and then not at all. However, I am slightly hooked at the moment as I am getting very close to the end and things are getting tense!

If you're interested in knowing which blogs I have been reading lately then click the links below to see all three of these beautiful blogs created by beautiful girls.  <-- my adopted friend - she's a babe.


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  1. That cushion on your bed is so pretty! I also love your MacBook skin!

    Lauren x |


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