Sunday, 12 July 2015

What's in my evening handbag...

In theme with my Sunday YouTube video being all about what's in my everyday handbag, I couldn't help but take the time to approach the difficult thoughts every woman has: What shall I put in my evening bag?

An evening bag is a fraction of the size of your everyday bag. I'm not good at maths but I can tell you now that means you need to divide up all your items and select the most worthy to assist you and leave the rest at home. It's always such a difficult decision to make because you've got the basic stuff that you have to take such as purse, keys and phone. Which means the only items left to make it into your bag, is your make up. Why oh why do you have to sacrifice make up...

Your brain is turning the cogs to decide what you need most. Tonight are you concerned about your eyebrows? Your lipstick? What about your oh-so-perfectly-done winged eyeliner?  Sometimes you just cannot take it all! It's a difficult decision and one that I personally know, I do not take lightly. I have been seen to try to cram it all in my bag but I quickly realise that this would mean I cannot shut the damn thing. I also sometimes contemplate the need to get into my house after a night out so that I can swap my keys for my powder? But then a reality check comes in and I realise I am being drastic. Maybe.

For me, the most important makeup items are brows and winged eyeliner... ok, and maybe lipstick. But these are the small bits that I can squeeze in all those tiny gaps between my phone and purse. I am always reluctant to leave behind my powder but needs must. I cannot be seen to have eyeliner with no wings and one good brow and one non good brow because someones decided to touch them (speaking from experience).

I can only imagine that all other women have this dilemma. I am now curious to know what your must have make up items are for an evening out?

H xo

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