Saturday, 22 August 2015

How I get soft & shiny hair // Product review

Not to toot my own horn but my hair is in amazing condition at the moment. Which is great considering it has had many years of changing every colour of a Dulex palette. I often get a compliment about how soft my hair is and how shiny it looks which makes me feel pretty darn good. Who doesn't love a good compliment?

 The products are 4 different brands that all bring something different to the table... I mean... my hair. I  adore my hair care routine and it is working wonders to maintain healthy hair.

The first step of my hair care routine is the Shampoo is called Fairly Traded Honey by Lush and I absolutely swear by this shampoo. I use it as a daily shampoo (every other day that is...) and also as a treatment shampoo for my scalp Psoriasis. The formula is thick like honey but the smell is only faint. When I first started using this shampoo over a year ago I went a bit overboard with how much I put on my hair - you only need the smallest amount for a light lather. This shampoo is incredible for my scalp Psoriasis and I genuinely think doctor should prescribe it! It soothes my itching, moistures the dry patches and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3 Visible Difference products by Elizabeth Arden // Review

Elizabeth Arden products are definitely my kind of products because they are a dream for my oh so sensitive skin. When I really like a product, I enjoy looking at the history of the brand and every single product that they have to offer. It's remarkable to know that Elizabeth Arden is over 100 years old and knowing she brought red lips to the suffragettes is incredible. The brand has made a large indent of the world of beauty, that is for sure.

The 8 hour cream is a beauty legend and if you're a beauty lover and not aware of what that product is, where have you been?  I've only converted over to the 8 hour cream in the last year or so but have always been aware of its wonderful ways. I don't know how I got by before I owned my own bottle, it's my go to product for, well, everything. Lips, hands, nose (for those colder months) and that odd dry patch on my body. Multiple uses in a product makes them a keeper.

I could rave about the 8 hour cream until I am blue in the face but it is not the topic of my post. The topic is my 3 favourite products (so far) from the Visible Difference collection.

These products are now apart of my everyday skincare routine and they're some of the best I have ever experienced. I will be honest, out of the 3 products I am about to talk about there is 1 that perhaps I am not completely in love with and it dips in and out of my routine, due to the fact I already have a favourite that cannot be replaced. For me, the cleanser cannot beat my 'take the day off' from Clinque - but this is definitely up there with being one of the best.

Lets start off with the visible different gentle hydrating cleanser/tone duo that I picked up from for a bargain price of £18.00 - which you can now pick up at a better price of £16.20 by clicking here. It's an incredible price difference when they're £18.00 each in store. I adore a good due set from feel unique. I bought these products with the hope that them being clinically and dermatologist tested, they would cleanse and tone my skin without causing irritation. I can safely say, there hasn't been any irritation with these and my skin has never looked better. 

The toner absorbs easily into my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. There is no tightness or stinging from the product which I always found happened using other high end brands. This is part of my routine after cleansing and it refines my pores really well for when I want to apply make up. I've dabbled in many a toner, but using this has changed the way my skin feels and looks. It feels as if I am toning my face with something as pure as water but am left with a pore refining result. Magic.

The cleanser isn't a constant in my skincare routine because I do slightly prefer another but I do like to dabble with it as it is still up there on the favourites list. This cleanser has a creamy and moisturising formula that has a lovely consistency when rubbing into my face and when rinsing. One of the many ingredients in this product is Oatmal which I have learnt in recent months is incredibly good for my skin type (which is sensitive and prone to irritation). This is a great hydrating cleanser for those with dry (and sensitive skin) and I enjoy popping this into my routine every once in awhile. There is no smell to it, other than the smell of cream (if that makes any sense) and that is a selling point for me. Fragranced products aren't great for sensitive skin.

My third product is the refining moisture cream complex. This is my absolute favourite face cream, dare I even say it, ever. It's so nourishing and thick when you rub it into your skin but doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy.  It's an amazing night cream, I put on a little bit more for extra nourishment before bed as it has time to sink in during my sleep. With a light amount used it is also a great day cream and an even greater base for makeup. I bought this product on a whim in the airport in Barcelona (not at all for the good duty free prices) and have welcomed it with open arms into my daily skin routine. I was prone to have a really dry edge of the nose and since using this product, that isn't a problem anymore. My skin now has a smooth texture and any dry patches that once were, are gone. I couldn't locate this product on the official Elizabeth Arden website or but I did find it here, incase you're interested and wanted to take a peak.

I don't often say that I will repurchase an item because nine times out of ten I decided to move on to bigger and better things (or sometimes worse) - mainly because I never adore a product and enjoy the results it gives. These products will definitely be repurchased when I get through them all. I couldn't imagine my skincare routine being any other way. 

Have you used any of these products and felt the same as me? Or can you recommend anything else that is suitable for sensitive skin? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Tesco Clothing Haul (F&F) - YouTube

If you missed my new upload on YouTube, here it is!
I just wanted to show you guys my great pieces from Tesco.
Enjoy :) x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lush Milton Keynes Blogger Event // 12th August 2015

Yesterday was my first blogger event. I was extremely nervous to attend an event where I didn't know anyone. I had such a busy day that the nerves didn't kick in until I was stood outside the Lush shop in Milton Keynes. I am so glad I put myself out of my comfort zone and attended because I had the best time and met some great girls!

The event started with a quick game which I decided to call 'catch the shower gel goo'. As my title suggests, we had to catch some shower gel (shower jelly to be precise) and then tell everyone our names, blogs and what we blog about. Sods law that me, being as nervous as I was, had the ball thrown to them first. We went round everyone and it was great to hear what topics were blogged about and everyone's creative blog titles.

We then sectioned off into 3 groups to rotate around the room to experience different products. The first session was bath products which included bombs, melts and soap. I had a bath education to be told about breaking up bubble bars under the tap to get lots of bubbles. I've always dropped it in the bath like a bomb which doesn't work as well - so I've learnt! It was great to test out a few bath products I'd never used before and be talked through each ingredient by a professional. These Lush ladies know it all! For me with such sensitive skin, knowing ingredients is important.

The second session was about feet, hands and body lotions which isn't a a topic I knew much about, regarding Lush products, so this was interesting for me. Lots of different options for scrubs for feet and exfoliating products. I am so sensitive with products so I only tried a few as I didn't want to aggravate my skin with the coffee scrubs and highly scented lotions. Some of them smelt yummy and one (the name completely escapes me) smelt like playdoh! I definitely ruined that product for a couple of people because that's all anyone could smell after I said that... oops.

The final session was all about shower products, gels, scrubs and butters. It's been awhile since my last trip to Lush so I was out of the loop with a new product - shower jellies! What an incredibly weird product, but it caught my attention! I wish I purchased one now but I had too many favourite items, and some just didn't make the final cut. They will make the second cut however! The ladies in Lush played a game of guessing the ingredients, where we were blind folded while they popped different products under our nose. I was one of the first two to take part and frankly, I was rubbish. My first jelly was a lemon flavour which I said smelt like cleaning products (in my defence, my cleaning products smell wonderful.) The second scent was pine cones and... forest. I didn't guess that because it smelt fresh - that was a difficult one!

I had such a good evening, the Lush staff were so welcoming and put on a great evening for us all. I met some lovely girls who were really fun to chat with. It's so lovely to mix with other bloggers because it's like making lots of friends who you already know you will have something in common with. Even some that I didn't get a chance to speak to, we all linked up on Twitter to chat and even today I've spent most of my day chatting with a really nice girl from last night. 

Overall, I majorly enjoyed the event and meeting some local bloggers. I have picked up a couple of products that I never had considered purchasing, but the advice from the staff with what would work for me was great. So without further ado, here are my purchases alongside my lovely goody bag.

The goody bag had a couple of tester pots and a bath bomb, The Experimenter. The Experimenter is the most beautiful, brightly coloured bomb I've seen for awhile. I've seen it in action as a tester at the event and it's mind blowing. The scent is very strong and perfume like, you can definitely smell the citrus in it. I cannot wait to pop this in my bath. I also had a couple of testers which were 'wash that man right out of my hair' shower gel, 'go faster feet' foot lotion and 'cup o' coffee' face mask. These products were part of the sessions during the event so keen to try these out at home and see if they do work for my skin.

I picked up a couple of products up of my own as well. A good favourite of mine is the Avobath (green bomb) with avocado and olive oil. It is so nourishing for my sensitive skin. This bomb is one that I always pick up without fail. Also in the photo above is a new product I haven't tried before which is Ceridwen's Cauldron - and I cannot wait to try this. This was part of the tester in the bath products session and I got to test it in a bowl of water, it felt so nourishing and milky. It's great for sensitive skin as the ingredients are coco butter, walnut oil and lavender oil to name a few - all very soothing and softening. The advice from the Lush ladies was that this can last for more than one bath and you can use this directly onto your skin as well as leaving it in the bath. Multiple baths and multiple uses.

Above you'll see The Experimenter which I already mentioned but with this is The Milky Bath and The Comforter. The Milky Bath (milk bottle shaped bomb) is super cute. I like the design and it smells very fresh, almost like clean washing. Sounds silly, but I really like the fact that it's got milk in. There are lots of different oils and butters in it too which will turn your bath into a milky, nourishing dream. I am really looking forward to a milky bath. The Comforter (pink bath bomb) smells ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. My favourite smell by far. It's so sweet and delicious, a strong scent of cherry. It really reminds me of cherry flavoured drinks I had as a child. This is my first bubble bar and I had a quick lesson in how to use it as well. What is great about the bubble bars (especially large ones) is that you can get 2 or even 3 baths out of them - now that is value for money! I've not had such a sweet smelling product before, due to keeping an eye on the ingredients but I thought I'd go wild and try something different because the smell was so enticing.

The last item I picked up was something I had considered awhile ago, as I've always wanted to try a conditioner so I went with American Cream. I swear by 'Fairly Traded Honey' shampoo for my scalp as I have Psoriasis on my scalp, but I've always wanted a really great nourishing conditioner that could do more for more hair than a standard everyday conditioner. I am so looking forward to using this, my hair will smell like vanilla and the creamy texture will hopefully nourish my hair and make it lovely and soft. I am not one for vanilla flavours but I am all over this and it's not a potent smell, so for me, this is a winner.

Only one way to know how I get on with these products and that is to tune into my YouTube Channel to see if these products make it into my end of my month favourites. Stay tuned.

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