Saturday, 12 September 2015

5 things I like to do in the Autumn.

September has arrived and that only means one thing, Winter is on its way!
My favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter by a mile. Chunky knit scarves, boots, coats, oversized jumpers and snuggling up with a blanket while it's dark, cold and rainy outside. Perfection. 

I thought I'd share my top 5 things to do now that the winter months have arrived.

1. Have a bath.
Baths are a great way to relax, destress and warm up! Nothing better than feeling a little chilly and running a nice hot bath. I like to light a few candles and pick out a Lush product to use. Picking a bath product can take some time so I am glad my bath tub takes awhile to fill up. Once in the bath I either take a book in or pick a Spotify playlist and pop my laptop on the toilet lid (classy). Whenever I have a bath I line up my products on the side of the bath in the order in which I will use them. Hair treatment, facial exfoliate, cleanser, a soap to wash with and so forth. My must have when having a bath is an odd one, as it is a bottle water. I find when I have a hot bath I get really dehydrated and desperate for a cold drink. So, I always prepare a bottle of water which I keep on the side.

2. Netflix Marathon.
We are all guilty of a Netflix Marathon. It's probably how we all spend our evenings these days. There is nothing better than a cosy night in, blankets, candles, bottle of wine (or two) and a good series on Netflix. Once Upon A Time or Pretty Little Liars, what takes your fancy? Sometimes I fancy something with a bit of drama or action, depends on my mood. Once you find something you like it tends to be a matter of episodes before you're completely hooked and your new favourite series owns your social life. It's very easy to eat ice cream and crisps during your Netflix Marathon so I often try to fill up on water and have a couple of healthy snacks to hand. Yogurts, Protein shakes or even carrot sticks and hummus. I am on a little health kick at the moment so I am doing my best to not finish a bag of Popcorn!

3. Black Out Nights.
On the total opposite end of a Netflix Marathon is a black out night. The name, for me, came from Hannah Maggs (blogger and YouTuber) who has black out nights with her husband and son. It's all about turning all electrical devices off and spending time together as a couple, family or even as an individual. It's a great time to have a conversation, read a book or even doing something productive like sorting out your clothes, which you've been meaning to do for a long. Technology is distracting and consuming so sometimes it is so great to switch it off and switch your mind off. 

4. Date night.
A trip to the local pub for wine and dinner is a great way to spend an Autumn night. Popping down the pub in a comfortable jumper, jeans and messy hair to have some good food and wine sounds like absolute perfection. For me there is something soothing about being inside a country pub when the weather is rainy and dark. Date nights is nice way to catch up with friends or your other half. When myself and Brendan have a date night we don't sit on our phones (unless it's for a cute Instagram photo) because we like to engage in conversation and focus on each other. We have the luxury of living in a cute Buckinghamshire village so we have your typical country pubs to pick from for a relaxing Autumn date night. 

5. Planning Christmas.
September is the month that I start to think about Christmas. Planning money, gifts and who to buy for. My birthday is Christmas Eve and my boyfriends birthday is in January so I need to make my September to November wages (and credit card) go far. I love Christmas and I think about it all year round. It's not just about the gifts that you get (although that's pretty nice) but it's about bringing people together, spending time with loved ones and being joyful. I love the build up and I d love the gift buying. I have always enjoyed giving gifts, even from a young age. Making someone smile with a thoughtful gift, expensive or not, it makes me feel good. I start my Christmas savings this month and I make lists of gift ideas for all the people I will buy for - it's quite exciting! I do love a good list.

What do you like to do in your evenings now that Autumn has arrived? 

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