Thursday, 29 October 2015

A City Break // Amsterdam

I have just come back from a couple of days away in Amsterdam and it was beautiful.
Amsterdam has always had me in two minds. I never wanted to go because of cannabis, I have a passionate hate for it and the smell it has but I did always want to go to explore the city and ride bikes around the streets and parks. For my Mums birthday in October, I decided instead of presents that she probably doesn't even want/need, my sister and I would take her away for a couple of days to ride bikes and drink coffee. It's something she's wanted to do and so have I, so it seemed like the best possible gift! Sometimes adventures and memories are far better than physical gifts (although I did leave flowers in her house and buy her a necklace that she wanted... I love gift giving!) My negative thoughts of Amsterdam have completely disappeared because the beauty overran my silly preconceptions.

We stayed in a super quirky and alternative house (Air b&b) on a street named Haarlemmerdijk, which seemed to be 15-20 minute walk to everywhere we wanted to go. Somehow we seemed to be on the coolest street in Amsterdam with an awesome coffee shop across the road from our house and an endless street of quirky and vintage shops. We definitely could have spent our two days solely exploring our street! I picked up some super cute typography postcards to frame and other little bits.

Amsterdam is Autumn is unbelievable. This was my first trip there but I'd already recommend to others that Autumn is the time to go because it's absolutely beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen before. The parks are the definition of Autumnal, the air is crisp, the sights are wonderful and there's something magical about exploring a city in the cold and walking into warm coffee shops to refuel.  I wouldn't say (in my own opinion) that there is that much to see tourist wise in Amsterdam, not when you compare it to Paris or Rome, but there is still lots to do. Unfortunately one of the places I wanted to go was that Anne Frank museum but we didn't go in due to the ques being 3 hours long. However, we did visit Dam Square, walked past the Anne Frank House, walked through the red light district, went on a canal boat, rode bikes around Vondelpark, took photos outside the Rijksmusuem and drank coffee in multiple coffee shops. That was plenty to fill our two days there. 

I had the best time and I would absolutely love to go back, especially with my fiance to ride more bikes and drink more coffee. Here are some photos from my trip. Check out my instagram to see a photo diary of my trip! @hayleyjoeann



  1. Amsterdam always looks so beautiful! Its somewhere I definitely want to visit in the future! Your pictures look amazing!

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

    1. Thanks Hannah! You should definitely go in the Autumn, it was absolutely amazing. Especially riding bikes around Vondelpark - it's a must do :) x

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