Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Holiday Outfits from House Of Fraser

Before I went away on the most amazing holiday of my life (multiple reasons for that!) I was lucky enough to be gifted two beautiful pieces of clothing from House Of Fraser. Even though it is now October and Summer is officially over, this is a great time to head to the sales and pick up some key pieces for Summer 2016. Sale shopping is a tricky business because you don't want to purchase 2015 trend items. However, key and simple pieces are the best way to go because they can be reflected into your wardrobe - whatever the trend!

The first item is this gorgeous woven front shell top by Therapy. This pale pink top is an absolutely dream to wear, the fabric is soft, the cap sleeves are adorable and the pale pink suits my pale skin tone (and my lightly tanned skin tone too!) I am all about simplicity so this top is right up my street and a great addition to my Summer wardrobe. It is currently on sale on House of Fraser for £12.50 which is a total bargain. The reason I love plain tops is because you can adapt them into any look or style. You can add an oversized necklace and denim shorts like I did, or you can add other items of clothing such as jacket and trousers for a different look - there are so many options for plain tops! You can make plain tops into what you want them to be, which is something you can't always do with a pattern. 

The second item from House Of Fraser was a little out of my comfort zone. Not in the sense that I would never wear anything like this, but in the sense that I always wanted to wear it but I just never had the lady balls to buy it. I don't tend to wear any items of clothing that put my cleavage on show. I lacked the confidence to embrace that part of me. This Feeder Stripe Jersey Maxi Dress from Linea Weekend may be low cut but it's low cut in a way doesn't make me paranoid and constantly worry if too much is on show. The wrap effect on the front of the dress keeps you in place and doesn't make me feel self conscious. The jersey fabric makes this a seriously comfortable maxi dress to wear for a chilled evening by the pool or (with the right accessories) a dressed up evening by the beach. The elasticated waist gives me a great shape, the wrap front is classy and the length is utterly perfect. Being 5"10 means I have had an on going battle with maxi dress lengths, so hallelujah that this dress is the perfect length. Tall girls problems, eh?

If you fancy a peak at either of these two items on the House Of Fraser website, please click the links below! I love a good sale.


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