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Evening Skincare Routine // Youtube

I have recently nailed my skincare routine and I am reaping the benefits of it. My skin has never felt firmer, looked more healthy or been so blemish free. Finding the right skincare routine for your skin can take some time, or if you're anything like me, it'll take years. You'll go through a ton of high-street and high-end products, the search will feel never ending and you'll constantly be thinking "I bet there is something better about there...". I finally feel that I have found perfect products that work for me and my skin type so I thought it was about time to share my secret.

I have uploaded a video onto my YouTube Channel of my evening skincare routine and you can watch that here. Keep reading for details and reviews of the products featured in that video.

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm // Clinique
This the most nourishing and non aggressive way to remove your make up.  If you have sensitive skin like me you may know the struggles of make up remover wipes and how they can hurt/damage your skin. A cleansing balm for sensitive skin is the best way to remove make up as it melts away from your face with hardly any rubbing, all it takes is a little rub and a big wipe with a cloth. I use this product by splashing my face with water to dampen my skin and using a medium sized amount of cleansing balm. I rub this between my fingers to make it softer and more moist texture, before gently rub it all over my face. With this product, I was scared at first with the mess it seemed to make on my face as it melts your make up off into a bit off a mixed mess. But this is ok! Rubbing this balm all over your eye make up and lipstick may seem weird and destructive but the results are worth you looking like a Halloween film extra! I use a damp and warm muslin cloth to wipe the make up from my face and I am left with zero make up and super soft skin.

I repeat this action of taking the balm from the pot (small amount on the second time round) and repeat all the above. Round 2 is to cleanse my skin, as this product is not just to remove my make up. I do this step straight away as Step 2 after removing my make up or on the days I am exfoliating, it becomes Step 3 (after exfoliating). Using the balm twice does get you through the product faster but cleansing after taking your make up off and exfoliating is a must.

I have loved this product from day one and honestly feel that I could never look back. My skin has never been so hydrated and soft after removing make up, it even feels that I could skip moisturising! Although I don't because my dry skin may not forgive me...
It's dermatologically tested and fragrance free which means nothing but good things for my sensitive skin.

Radiance Exfoliator // Sanctuary Spa
The formula of this exfoliate is great because somehow, despite its job being to clean pours and get rid of dead skin, it's a soothing product. Depending on the pressure you apply when exfoliating the beads can feel light or hard on your skin. The more pressure you apply and the more product you apply, the rougher it feels. I like this because I can do two different types of exfoliations, as and when. I do get through this product quite quickly as I find I need to use a lot of it to get lots of the beads onto my face for the scrub, but the formula the beads are in is gel like and feels pretty darn nice on my skin - so I'm not complaining! This product plays a big part in keeping my skin soothe, even and bright. Circular movements helps remove any dead skin cells and I always focus on my nose and chin to clear those horrid main pours. To remove this product from my face I either splash with water or use a muslin cloth to wipe my face clean, but can get quite 'bitty' with the beads so it'll take a couple of wipes. I've not experienced an exfoliators that leaves me feeling like I have a layer of skin left, a lot of exfoliators can be so brutal and rough for sensitive skin, but this one is a dream.

Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner (Dry) // Elizabeth Arden 
To refine my pours and give a hydrating boost to my skin, I like to use the Skin Balancing Toner from Elizabeth Arden. I am a fan of Elizabeth Arden because of how soothing the products are and how well they react with my skin. I focus wiping this toner across my nose, chin and forehead as that is where my pours live! I give it a quick sweep around my entire face as well, just for a tad extra hydration and because I love the cool cold feeling it has on my skin. This toner helps to reduce (sometimes remove) the red patches that appear on my skin when my make up is removed. My skin is definitely in a far better condition because of this toner.

Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex // Elizabeth Arden
If you read my blog or watch my YouTube videos you'd have seen me mention this face cream a few times. I am obsessed with how nourishing and soothing this cream is and how it leaves my skin feeling. It's a semi thick consistency but doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or oily, it sinks in beautifully. I use this cream in my morning and night time routine because it's a great base for my foundation (as long as you've got a minute or so to spare to let it sink in) and at night I use a little more than usual (especially around my nose) as I know my skin will be in great condition in the morning because of using it. I forever had problems with my dry skin on my face making my foundation look patchy and flaky but this face cream has completely wiped out those problems. I can't remember the last time I even had a dry patch on my face! I've been using this cream since May and I am about to put it through it's ultimate test of the winter weather to see if it can obtain it's greatness, as so far so good with the Autumn months.

I hope you enjoyed this post about skincare and the video on my youtube!
What are your go to skincare products?


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