Sunday, 20 December 2015

5 Things Not To Do At The Office Christmas Party // Blogmas Day Twenty

You either love or hate the work Christmas party. Getting together with people you work with for dinner and drinks can sometimes be a good laugh, if you like them. These get to togethers happen once a year so it's not too bad in the grand scheme of things - if you don't like them you only have to suck it up for one night. However, when the wine (and maybe even tequila speaking from experience) is flowing it is sometimes hard to remain professional. 

So for you I've got the top 5 things not to do at your work Christmas do

1. Get totally drunk.
Obvious one really. When you're drunk, your rowdy personality comes out and you might start effing and blinding in front of those you shouldn't. You may also start singing, dancing and slurring your words which could lead to honest opinions of your colleagues appearing. Bob might not want to know about how much you hate his bum fluff beard. If you want a job by the end of the night, watch those beverages. 

2. Admit the truth.
Don't admit that you take a nap in the stationary cupboard when the boss is out. All the people around the table may see you in a new (not so good) light. Frankly, no one needs to know that there isn't a leak in the cupboard and that their wet paper is actually your dribble. 

3. Tell a secret.
If you tell a secret the one sober person in the corner who you've forgotten about in your drunk state will remember, and they will remind you of your secret and everyone else on Monday morning. So if you fancy the pants off the new intern, keep your lips sealed. 

4. Get a crap secret Santa gift.
You definitely don't want to be the one person who buys the worst secret Santa gift of them all. Don't buy it last minute in a panic and don't buy it from the pound shop. Even though it's "secret" Santa, takes all of 5 minutes to unravel who bought for who and for your terrible purhase of a David Beckham aftershave to be revealed. 

5. Be the first to go home.
If you are heading to a bar after dinner for some festive drinks you won't live down being the first to head home to bed. Power through and wait until you're at least the second. If you leave first you'll be classed as the boring one and no one wants that title.

Let me know in the comments if you have done any of these! 


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