Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Lush Haul // Blogmas Day Sixteen

It wouldn't be Christmas without a festive bath or 6. Lush Christmas bath products are all that you will see on any bloggers Instagram right now, because we like to be all over the festive soap. I am so excited by these products as most of them I've never used before. I thought I'd do a quick blogmas post on these beauties and tell you what makes them lush (pun intended) and why I decided to buy them.

Five Gold Rings (Bubble Bar)
I am so excited to try these gold rings. Bubble bars are so much fun and I thoroughly enjoy creating my own bubbles under the tap. These are a bargain because you're playing less than £1 for each bath, as you can get 5 baths out of these 5 gold rings (funny that...). They smell amazing and have ingredients such as fairtrade vanilla and cream of tartar which helps to create the bubbles. These turn your bath a lovely orange colour that'll make you feel super festive. 

Dashing Santa (Bath Bomb)
I've had this bath bomb before because as soon as the Christmas products hit Lush, I picked one up. With Mandarin and Bergamot Oil this makes a festively soothing bath. The shape of the product itself is so cute and I almost feel bad to drop it in my bath tub. The fruity scent is so nice and I really enjoyed the strong scent it gave my bath. 

Snow Angel (Bath Bomb)
This is super nourishing bath bomb and that's the type I usually go for, sensitive skin and all.  As this in rich in cocoa butter I imagine this will be a total cream boat of a bath. I love when Lush products make your bath feel smooth as if it was full of moisturiser. If you've ever used the butterball or the butterbear then you'll know what I mean. It makes your skin so soft because the water is soft. The glitter is meant to give your bath a nice golden glow which I am so excited to see. I am also excited for the bubbles it produces.

Yog Nog (Bath Bomb)
This bath bomb is a spicy treat that smells like milk, egg nog and spice all in one. With Shea butter and multipe oils - I couldn't resist putting this festive treat into my basket. It's really sweet smelling and apparently quite creamy and softening which has me pretty intrigued. I can't wait to give this ago to see if it as softening as they say.

Luxury Lush Pud (Bath Bomb)
With the colours on this bath bomb, you know an incredible creation will form the moment it hits the water in your bathtub. Bright pink always makes for a great bath time. This Lush pud is all about relaxing with the lavender and ylang ylang oils. I'm always on the look out for a great Friday night bomb to have as it takes the edge off my working week and prepares me for the weekend. This will should be soothing and calming for my sensitive skin so I''m looking forward to putting it to the test.

The Snow Melt (Bath Melt)
The snow melt is the small silver ball that feels like playdoh. It's ingredients consist of organic Shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter just to name a few. I am all over any Lush products which have nourishing ingredients as I have really dry skin. This does apparently leave your bath full of glitter which is festive and fun. Fun being if you don't mind looking like an extra from Twilight. I kid, I kid, glitter is amazing.

Now the big question, which one do I use first? Let me know in the comments which one I should use first and if you've already used any. I'd love to hear your opinion.


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