Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter Wardrobe Essentials - Highstreet Stores // Blogmas Day Three

Winter fashion is my favourite type of fashion. Give me a faux fur gilet over denim shorts any day of the week. Layering up, wrapping up warm and wearing coats is all it takes to make me happy. When it comes to a winter wardrobe I have a few essential items that are an absolute must. 

Chelsea boots are my favourite kind of boots, I'd have them in all colours if I could. They're practical, comfortable and stylish which are the 3 boxes I have to tick with any item of clothing/accessory. There is something about a Chelsea boot that just screams chic at me and I always feel like they make any outfit a good outfit. Black (or even brown) boots make the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe because they're classic and go with anything style or outfit. I'd be lost without my Chelsea boots because I wear them almost every single day.

A chunky knit jumper is an item I am sure no one can be without during the colder seasons. Oversized chunky knits are the little black dress of winter, although the little black dress makes an appearance on new years eve.  We all need to keep warm and a stylish chunky knit is the way to go. You can get them from absolutely anywhere for all prices which is ideal for everyone and their budgets. One of my favourite places to shop for jumpers at the moment is H&M as they're great quality and super affordable.

A boyfriend coat is my favourite kind of coat. A casual coat with a formal feel is so suited to my style. Boyfriend coats are something you can also buy from many highstreet stores. The one featured is from New Look but I have a brown boyfriend coat that was from Primark. Thick coats are the normal go to for winter however I don't really like the style and I much prefer a more stylish jacket that I can fit some layers underneath.

Fur gilets are a new addition to my winter wardrobe this year and I am all over this trend! I can't imagine what I did before I had a black fur gilet. They add a little something to any outfit and they also add that much needed warmth we need this season. They can be dressed up for a night out with a dress and some heels or be dressed down in a casual style with jeans and a turtle neck....

Which brings me onto my next item, turtle neck tops. They have been a life saver for me this season. They've been my favourite top to wear because they're so practical yet so on trend. They're ideal to wear to layer up with or to wear by themselves. It's bitterly cold at the moment so they've been put to great use under chunky knit jumpers. 

And finally, a small black shoulder bag. The featured one is from Topshop and I've been lusting after but I've got a mini Topshop leather bag the same size that I am using constantly. When it's this cold out the last thing you want to do is carry a large handbag so I find having a smaller shoulder bag is perfect, it means you can keep your gloved hands in your pockets for warmth. It also means I carry less around, which is a hard and rare task.

These are my winter fashion essentials, what are yours?

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