Thursday, 28 January 2016

Icebar London Blogger Event

On Monday I went to the Icebar for a bloggers meet up called #bloggersbelowzero arranged by Lauren who is the lovely lady behind @ldnmeetup and the Icebar Head of Sales and Marketing, Tom Hunter. It was super fun and cold, but great to meet some new bloggers while catching up with some old ones. Visiting the Icebar is something I've always wanted to do but it never made its way up to the top of my to do list, so I was very grateful to attend on Monday night.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

5 Things I've Learnt In My Career

I am currently building myself a career in Charity Retail. I may be on a secondment right now but I started from the bottom as a volunteer and I am now part of the Senior Retail Team. It's been a huge learning experience and I've developed some amazing skills. I thought I'd share today 5 things that I've learnt in my current retail career.

1. You can do anything you want
I started out as a volunteer, moved onto temporary paid work, then an E-Commerce role, followed by a role that was created just for me in Business Development and now finally I am an Area Manager. I started from the bottom of the business and made my way into the Senior Retail Team in a job I've always admired. I think that definitely goes to show that you can achieve what you want. It takes work, dedication and good skills, but you can do it.


Friday, 22 January 2016

OOTD: Black Faux Leather Backpack

I am in love with my new back pack from New Look. It was the perfect bag to take away with me for a weekend in Brighton. Holds everything that I need, it goes with multipe outfits so I could pack light and it's super stylish. I've wanted a casual faux leather backpack for awhile so I was pretty chuffed to see this little beauty in New Look for £19.99. I put together this outfit for a casual day exploring Brighton and it has quickly become a new favourite.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

5 Ways To End A Bad Day

link to image
Sometimes having a bad day can consume you. I find it really hard to get myself out of a bad mood after having a bad or experience. I can be a very "in my head" sort of person and I can play over and over something that upset or bothered me. I have a couple of ways to turn a bad day around so that I can enjoy it again, so I thought I'd share 5 things I do to end a bad day. This may be physically ending the day when I get home in the evening or something I do within the day to end the horrid feeling of a bad day before it really has taken over...

Listen to some positive music
Music has a control on your emotions. If you listen to sad music for long enough, you will feel sad. Putting some good music on that will make me tap my foot is almost a guarantee to get me out of my bad mood. I once read somewhere that you only sing along to songs when you're happy. So if I am singing my heart out by track 3 of a Taylor Swift album, jobs done.


Monday, 18 January 2016

OOTD: River Island Sale Purchase

I fell in love with this coat during Blogmas as I had seen it in store and on the backs of bloggers. I added it into a Blogmas post for a guide gift for her and frequently admired its beauty. I was lucky enough to purchase it for £40 (down from £75) in the sale just before Christmas.
It's now not available online but if you're lucky, you may find it in your local River Island. I adore this long fabric jacket as it feels more like a chic statement piece than a practical garment to keep me warm. The dark soft fabric feels more like a blanket than a coat and the tie around my waist works perfectly to emphasize my smallest part - winner! I am all over this design and I am so pleased to have bagged myself this in the sale.

Friday, 15 January 2016

What Is There To Love About Blogging?

What is there to love about blogging? If you're new to blogging or if you've lost your mojo then this is a post for you. Sometimes bloggers can get bogged down in stats, views and lack of comments but you've got to remind yourself that there is more to blogging then how many followers you've got. 
I thought I'd share with you a few things that I love about blogging. If you have lost your mojo, this  may reinstall your faith.

I love having a place to write.
I don't really have anyone that will happily let me talk about a new skincare product for 20 minutes without thinking I'm crazy - which is why my blog was created. I really enjoy having a space to fill with my favourite things, whether that be beauty, fashion or a bit of lifestyle. It's my space to share my thoughts, opinions and photographs. I write a blog I think would be enjoyable to read - I hope anyway...


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Beauty Review: MAC Rebel Lipstick

I have wanted a purple lipstick for so long, I was really feeling the winter trend and the 90s feel a purple lipstick gave. So when I received Rebel from Father Christmas (aka my fiance), I was over the moon. My MAC make up obsession started last year and is growing slowly but surely. All I seem to look at online is MAC products and reviews written by other beauty bloggers. The formulas in MAC lipsticks are incredible and my lips really appreciate them - which is why these lipsticks are fast becoming my favourite. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know about my love/hate relationship with lipsticks. My lips seem to reject the formula of lipsticks so I hardly wore them. No one wants patchy and curdled lipstick on their lips. I feel I've hit a revolution with discovering MAC lipsticks and I wish I'd known how good they were years ago.

Monday, 11 January 2016

How I Manage A Full Time Job, A Blog & A YouTube Channel

You don't need a super power to have a full time job, a blog and a YouTube account. It's not an easy task to keep on top of your paid work and keep your blog and YouTube content consistent and of good quality. It's taken a few months but I have finally nailed it. It's been trial and error to see what I could achieve and how far I could push myself, but now I'm fully comfortable with how I am managing it all.


Friday, 8 January 2016

Laura Ashley Luxury Travel Essentials Review

Laura Ashley packaging is a dream. It's always so beautifully designed and put together, and this Luxury Travel Essential gift set is no different. The floral blue and cream pattern creates a gorgeous looking make up bag and in it are some lovely smelling products. I picked this travel set up in Boots during Christmas. It was a gift for me because I couldn't bear to give it away to anyone else!
I love all the products here's why.  


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My 5 Favourite Instragam Accounts

 Instagram is my favourite app by far. I love the photos, the themes and the people. So I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite Instagrammers (that might not be a real word...)

Charlotte is a style blogger who has also ventured into the world of YouTube. Her style is seriously cool and she dresses how I could only dream to. All the photos are of an incredible quality and are always well edited. I really love looking through her Instagram as it's one of those accounts that keeps you scrolling and gets you inspired. Her YouTube account is also worth a watch so I would recommend checking that out. If I could like all of Charlotte's photos and have her outfits in my wardrobe, that would be great.

Monday, 4 January 2016

OOTD: Over The Knee ASOS Tights

Taking a nice outfit photo can sometimes be super difficult when the weather decides to be windy. Straight hair and a tassel handbag were not ideal for this day. I am often very plain with the way I dress, I like dark colours and dressing in a lot of monochrome. I tried hard to change my dress sense and add some colour but I failed after a few attempts. Can't fix what isn't broken. This kind of outfit is my favourite, casual yet cool. For me this outfit is defined by the over the knee tights.

Friday, 1 January 2016

10 Facts About Me

Welcome to 2016! It's the start of a new and exciting year. This year I am making a more conscious effort to post on my blog, as blogmas gave me my mojo back. I became slightly more into creating YouTube videos more than blog content in the last few months but now I am going to even out my time better. I forgot how much I love blogging.

For my first post of 2016 I wanted to bring back to basics and almost reintroduce myself. Blogging can become quite impersonal and bloggers can get lost in statistics and goals. I think it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog, so here are 10 things about me.
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