Wednesday, 20 January 2016

5 Ways To End A Bad Day

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Sometimes having a bad day can consume you. I find it really hard to get myself out of a bad mood after having a bad or experience. I can be a very "in my head" sort of person and I can play over and over something that upset or bothered me. I have a couple of ways to turn a bad day around so that I can enjoy it again, so I thought I'd share 5 things I do to end a bad day. This may be physically ending the day when I get home in the evening or something I do within the day to end the horrid feeling of a bad day before it really has taken over...

Listen to some positive music
Music has a control on your emotions. If you listen to sad music for long enough, you will feel sad. Putting some good music on that will make me tap my foot is almost a guarantee to get me out of my bad mood. I once read somewhere that you only sing along to songs when you're happy. So if I am singing my heart out by track 3 of a Taylor Swift album, jobs done.

Do a work out
Sure, working out won't be the most popular of ideas when someone is having a bad day. But working out releases endorphins which will give you the "feel good" hormone. Working out can make you feel happier but also can get you fitter. That is a bit of a win win situation...once you get the courage to put your gym gear on.

Take a time out
This might mean having a hot bath, grabbing a snack and watching a film or even reading a book. Sometimes a bad day can purely be cured by having some "me time". Relaxing makes you feel calmer which can allow you to put your bad day into prospective. Sometimes that is all it takes for me to move on. 

Laughing is the best medicine. I find meeting up or ringing a friend that you know will give you the giggles is a great way to forget your troubles. If no one is available then stick a comedy on that you know will make you laugh. For me, Friends is a definite for making me laugh and smile (even if I have watched it 200 times). Laughing lightens the load and can turn a bad day around.

Buy something new or window shopping
This is quite a materialistic idea but I find it works for me, and I am not an overly materialistic person. You don't have to spend anything, or even a lot for this to work. I find shopping therapeutic, in store, online and shopping for others. Browsing through websites looking at different items fully focuses my brain on giving opinions on what I see, which distracts me from the thoughts of a bad day. I get a little scene of joy from buying a new nail varnish or even something weird for the poundshop. It's a great distraction and a refocus, and then you can go home and paint your nails...
Guess I am a typical 20 something girl who loves shopping, right? It's all about doing something you love to get over your day day.

What do you do to end a bad day?



  1. Lovely post, Hayley. I find working out such a great way to boost my mood - I don't normally feel like doing it but I always feel better afterwards (once I've stopped hyperventilating!)

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health and Lifestyle Blogger

  2. Great post! Glad I've found your blog :-)

    1. Aw thank you! :) that put a smile on my face! Xx


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