Monday, 1 February 2016

Beauty Review: MAC So Chaud lipstick

The new addition to my MAC make up collection is this gorgeous matte lipstick, So Chaud. I am jumping right onto the MAC make up bandwagon since purchasing my first piece in September last year. My sister kindly gave me MAC vouchers for Christmas and it turns out you can only spend them online and in an official store which rubbish considering I only live near concessions. I decided to turn to twitters beauty bloggers for advice on what to purchase online, I bought two lipsticks and So Chaud is one of them.

This colour was highly recommended so it was have been rude not to purchase it. It's a gorgeous intense orange red lipstick that I think really suits my pale complexion. I prime my lips with the prep and prime lip primer to make sure that matte lipsticks don't become cakes and look dry. I do have quite dry lips so the prep and prime lip primer is ideal for me to wear matte lipsticks. It's very compatible with MAC matte lipsticks (obviously) but also works with other brands of matte lipsticks. 

Unlike my last MAC lipstick Rebel, So Chaud is the colour you expect it to be. Vibrant and orange toned, I love it.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?


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