Friday, 19 February 2016

Bloggers Event: Easter Range At Lush

I felt like a VIP being able to see the Lush Easter range before its release date. It's always so lovely be a part of blogger events. I took a trip to the Milton Keynes Lush and met some fellow bloggers to see the preview of the new Easter range. We got to see the products, see how they'd work as soon as they hit your bath water and played a game of matching up the description with the product of some Kitchen Exclusives.

After a quick introduction to the staff and each other we got down to business, checking out the new Easter range. 

We all hunted down the Easter collection in the shop like an Easter Egg Hunt and opened them up one by one to reveal the whole collection. 

My blogger friends are: Katie from and Sophia Meola from 

The range is extremely colourful and there is glitter involved, not that we'd expect anything less from the collection. The creativity and thought process that goes into Lush products sometimes blows my mind and there's a few from the range that I think are egg-cellent (I'll see myself out...). For example, Humpty Dumpty is more than just a bath bomb. Crack poor little Humpty's head and inside is another bath bomb in the form of an egg! You can use the outer shell and the inner product together or separately, the choice is yours. This is definitely the most quirky bath bomb to make its way into my collection and I can't wait to get two baths out of it, or maybe one...

The Lush staff showed us all the products, went into detail of what was in them and how to use them. We then enjoyed the relaxing process of watching them dissolve in hot water. I find it so relaxing to watch a bath bomb go wild in my bath and see the colours spreading, it's a real treat to see lots of different bombs with lots of different colours all in one go! I am loving the cuteness and Instagramable (real word? maybe, maybe not) products within this collection. I did decide only to buy 3 as I had a few others on my list from the general range that I had to get my hands on! You can see the entire Easter Collection here, it's now available to buy online! They will make fantastic Easter gifts for loved ones, especially those who are still on their January health kick and aren't interested in chocolate. I however, am interested in chocolate AND bath products.

I had to purchase Humpty Dumpty due to the cuteness and the egg inside - I couldn't not leave with it! I also went with Fluffy Egg because of the amazing, amazing smell of candy floss which is the same scent of Snow Fairy and my final choice was the bunch of carrots. The carrots are the ones I am most excited to use because I can't wait to create some bubbles! The ladies at Lush said I can use one carrot at a time under the running water or I can swish all 3 into my bath at once. I love a good multi use product. 

The Easter collection is now online and in store for you to buy, I am so grateful to have been given a sneak peak a few days before the release. I also cannot wait to have a bath but the big question is, which one first? Help!



  1. You are so lucky I would love to go to a lush event!! It was great hearing about what you go up to! I have ordered myself the big carrot gift set today! Looking forward to it arriving :) XX

    1. I wanted to get the gift set!!! That one looks awesome. I just needed to control my spending as I went with a mental list of bath bombs and a shampoo I needed. It was super fun and I am soooo looking forward to having a bath time weekend :) have a lovely weekend Gemma xxxx


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