Wednesday, 9 March 2016

OOTN: Celine Long Sleeve Swing Playsuit

When this beautiful playsuit hit my doormat I was very excited. I love clothes and fashion yet don't own many nice going out outfits. That could be because I don't go out as much as I used to (adulthood gave me bills to pay) but nevertheless, the feeling of getting dressed up and going out for a cocktail is a favourite feeling of mine. I've always felt more comfortable in playsuits and jumpsuits apposed to dresses so I knew instantly I'd love this. This Celine Long Sleeve Swing Playsuit is different to anything I've ever worn before with its dramatic drape back and flowing sleeves, but it's beautiful and it makes me feel beautiful. What more could you want in an outfit?

This a playsuit for an occasion, it's not one you can dress up and dress down. This means you save it for those girls nights out and don't over wear it, which isn't a bad thing. The perfect condition will last longer and it'll feel more special to only put it on once in awhile. The front fabric is quite see through so unless you're brave enough to show your bra or bare all, you'll need a little cami top underneath. However, will need to be a certain kind of cami top if you want to have the full effect of the low cut back. Wearing a low cut cami means you can still expose your back for a sexy edge to the playsuit but the front of the cami keeps you covered. The navy colour is a step out of my monochrome wardrobe and in the right direction as I think the navy suits my pale skin tone. A major plus to this garment is the draw string waist means, which helps to enhance my hourglass shape.

I struggle finding the right outfit to wear for a girls night out and I am so looking forward to not having the struggle for the next cocktail night! If you like this playsuit then click here to have a look at it online, it's also £30 which is so affordable!

Thank you so much to Luxemme for sending me this gorgeous playsuit, it's a fantastic addition to my wardrobe and I am incredibly grateful. 



  1. This is stunning! I'd never heard of Luxemme but I've just bookmarked their site now and will be keeping and eye out. You look fab! Navy goes so beautifully with your hair too! Jade

    My Blog: Jade With Envy
    My YouTube Channel: Jade Mercedes Fraser

    1. I'd only recently to this post discovered who they were! Great clothes that are affordable :) my dark hair was a hairdressers mishap but it suits my hair now I'm back to ombré :) xxx


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