Monday, 28 March 2016

The Beauty Tag

I've seen the beauty tag floating around on over the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and answer the questions myself. I love a good question and answer session.

 1.  What is your biggest beauty product addiction (lipsticks, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara etc.)?
I don't think I buy more of one thing than another. I am guilty of researching highlighters more than any other product though. I'm like a magpie, I see something shine and I want to look at it for along time. However saying that, I have two draws and an entire bathroom cabinet dedicated to skincare/bath products...

2.  How many products from your addiction do you have?

I have a fair amount of everything. I don't really see myself as having a specific addition, just an overall make up/beauty products.

3. What is one type of beauty product you hate (highlighters, hairspray etc.)?

Eyepencils are something I definitely cannot get my head around. It's smudgy and annoying, I can't work them! I used to wear them on the inner part of my eye when I was 13 years old, last time I touched one was then!

 4. What has been your biggest challenge in beauty (e.g. a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)?

The biggest challenge is getting the flawless skin I crave. It's so hard to find the ultimate long lasting, full coverage foundation for dry skin. Full coverage seems to be another phrase for a foundation that will turn my face into a desert. I haven't found the ultimate foundation so that's an on going challenge...

5. What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?
I will never leave the comfort zone of eyebrows. It is beyond me how I went through years and years of my life without putting any make up on my eyebrows. Soon as I did, it was life changing (bit OTT but so true). My face looked totally different and I felt more confident. I now won't go anywhere without a bit of brow make up, even the gym.

6.  What is one beauty thing you suck at (e.g. eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day etc.)?

I'm not great at eyeshadow. I do the basic stuff and whenever I attempt something a little more complicated it looks like I've taken a fist to the eye. I suppose I need to keep practicing...

7. What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand the hype (technique, trend etc.)?
I haven't got my head around the need to contour necks and backs. I still don't fully understand the need to extreme contour your face. When did giving yourself a little cheekbone definition turn into a game of totally changing the shape of your face? Don't get me wrong, I have a contour palette or two but I don't use it to the extremes others do. You definitely won't catch me contouring my neck, that's for sure.

Let me know if you do this beauty tag, I'd love to read it! Even pop a few of your answers in the comments if you'd like, would be lovely to know your answers!



  1. ooh good answers! I might do this on my blog!

    1. It's a good little quiz :) makes you think! Tweet me when you do yours! I'd love to see what you wrote :) x

  2. Great post - thanks for sharing! I have the same problem with eyeshadow - I try tutorials, but I always look like I just went 3 rounds with a prize fighter ;)

    Am obsessed with the Smashbox Contour Set - - lets you contour without it being obvious. Lots of tips for beginners.

    I think I will post the same this week! Thanks!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who can't do eyeshadow haha I'll check that palette out, thanks lovely! Xx

  3. The neck/back contour thing is ridiculous! I saw someone contouring their ears on Instagram the other day...

    Claudia // Lipstick Theory // Student Cruelty Free Lifestyle Blog

    1. EARS?!? Jesus. That is officially the worst. The world has gone crazy! Xx


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