Friday, 8 April 2016

Beauty Review: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser (Dry/Sensitive)

Oh how I love a new skincare product. I've never owned a full size Liz Earle product until I decided to order the skin repair moisturiser directly from the website. I had a really great skincare routine going but all of a sudden it stopped working for me and my face began feeling like a desert. I was breaking out in horrid dry patches and my skin was rejecting any form of foundation I tried to apply. I'm not sure if my hormones are to blame, but something happened in the last couple of weeks that caused my well oiled skin routine to break down. So I turned to Liz Earle.

I knew I needed to invest in a new face cream but that's always been a tough buy for me because I am so ridiculously sensitive. Liz Earle is a brand that is well loved across the world of beauty bloggers and I decided to take a proper look into what they had to offer and what could work for me. Natural ingredients are great for my sensitive skin and anything that had vitamin e and oils in tends to be winner. This cream has become my new to go and hydrated my dry skin like a dream. I am still working on hydrating the edges my nose but they've never been easy to maintain so that's no fault of poor Liz. 

The consistency is creamy and thick so a little goes along way. I was piling it on at the beginning in a rush for my skin to drink it up but now that I am in a happy place with my skin I am more sparing with it. Without sounding like I am stating the obvious in describing a moisturiser, it is very moisturising. You can often get creams that don't feel like they're feeding any moisture into your skin or doing any kind of nourishing work which is totally pointless. With this product you can almost feel your skin getting an instant hit of hydration which is so refreshing. It's a really smoothing and thick cream that is great for using in the morning and at night, which helpful for when you don't want to fuss around with a night cream to match a day cream. The smell is one I can't describe because I am terrible at scent descriptions but it's a nice smell that just reminds me of a Mum. You know when you'd smell your Mums face creams as a kid and they kind of all smelt the same and would just have 'that' moisturiser smell... that's the smell I mean. See? I am terrible at scent descriptions.

I am really loving this face cream and I am reaching for it more so than my absolute favourite cream for the last year, my Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference (although saying that I still love it so much). This Liz Earle cream works so well on my sensitive and dry skin, I've had no issues with it sensitivity wise and I really enjoy using it daily.

If you have any recommendations of Liz Earle products then please let me know as I am thinking of placing an order next payday.

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