Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Selfridges Wish List

Some would say that Selfridges is a happy place. It is. But really it is a place that holds so many things I love that are well and truly out of my reach. To keep my motivation of working hard to earn money while I also plot to rob a bank, I like to keep a Selfridges wishlist. On the wishlist are some products that realistically, are out of my reach and others that are a little closer. It's like when you create a really long to do list and add one thing you've already done onto it to make yourself feel like you've made a start. Does anyone else do that? Maybe that's just me...

My wishlist is as follows:

One day in my life, I will own a piece of YSL. This purse is gorgeous and I love the pattern, style and colour. It's classic, beautiful and would like great in my...

This seems to be a bag that every blogger has and I am green with envy everytime it appears on my Instagram feed. I have a grey unbranded bag that has the handle style and triangle shape where the Givenchy logo is, that's almost like having the real thing, right? This bag is gorgeously structured and just looks like a total dream.

I can't really justify the price of this right now but a girl can dream for the future. I want to go and see this so badly at a CT counter to see if its swatches are as beautiful as they looks online. All reviews on it make it look beautiful and I feel like my make up collection would welcome it with open arms. It gives a beautiful bronze glow (bronze and glow, duhh) and the packaging is to die for.

I am desperate to go and get colour matched and try this. This is option number 2 of 2 potential Wedding foundations, option 1 is currently in the post. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews on this product and I feel like it's a must try. I am loving the hype of CT at the moment, since receiving my quad palette for Christmas I am in need of more. I've got the CT cravings.

Another product that I've heard lots about. The problem with being a beauty blogger is reading other beauty blogs and developing the emotional need for products, it's a nightmare on my bank account. Bobbie Brown is a great brand and one that I had started to drift away from. The soft powder and light highlight look like a dream and I would love to add this to my S/S make up collection.

This baby has been in my eye line for sometime now. Silver chain, heavenly. Grey leather, perfect. I am so besotted with this style, I will be considering purchasing it in the near future as a big treat. It's a simple small bag that would suit so many S/S outfits. I am slowly moving away from large bulky bags, especially on weekends. Everytime I get dressed now I say, a Michael Kors Bedford would look ideal with this look. Means I should buy it, right?

The hype of this has slowly died off but it's still a well loved product. I only have the Naked 2 and I am obsessed with the beautiful natural shades. I am no expert in make up and when it comes to eyeshadows I am definitely a beginner but I want this palette to practice with. I would love to be able to create beautiful light smoky eyes for evenings out. Practice makes perfect and I believe you should start how you mean to go on, in my case it's with Urban Decay. 

Do you have a Selfridges wishlist? Or own anything from my wishlist? I'd love to hear from you.



  1. That Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow is also on my wishlist.

    1. Tweet me if you ever get it! You can tell me if its good :) xxx

  2. Ahhhh your Wishlist, is also my Wishlist!!! Damn you selfridges! Great post Hun x

  3. Loveeeeee Selfridges !!! Especially Charlotte Tilbury !!! Loving your wish list !! X

    Love Nat xxx

    1. Wish I could own all the CT make up! That would be the dream! Xx

  4. The CT foundation is so worth it - my holy grail for months now! The Givenchy bag is just so dreamy isn't it, it kills me! Fabulous picks that make me want them to!!

    Megan X


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