Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What's On My Face Right Now

My everyday make up rarely changes. I tend to become very comfortable and at home with make up products and my routine is the same daily. I have changed things up slightly in the last couple of weeks since I decided to be super brave and put some gradual tan on my ghostly white skin. I have gone for a tad darker tone in foundation and put my blusher in my draw to replace it with my bronzer for my "I have a tiny weeny bit of a tan" make up look.

Firstly, let me just explain why my Benefit Brow Zing is not photographed but still an essential part of my everyday look. I will not be seen outside of my front door without my brows filled but my palette has seen better days. There's no way you can photograph a brow compact palette that is snapped in two, has bits missing and frankly just needs replacing. Benefit Brow Zing, I couldn't get through my day without you but you're too ugly to be photographed right now - sorry!

For my everyday make up look when I have gradual tan on I use a Bourjois Foundation called 123 Perfect in the shade Light Vanilla. This shade is much darker than I initially thought when I was buying it, so it doesn't work with my natural skin tone but is a great match for when I have a slight colour to my skin through gradual tan. What I find odd is that I use Healthy Mix by Bourjois in the same shade, weird huh? Different product, different formula, different shades? Because I rave so much about Healthy Mix I was keen to give this ago as it's from the same brand. It drys slightly around my nose which is my absolute nightmare area but takes well to the rest of my skin. Coverage is strong, long lasting and doesn't feel cakey. The colour match for me was definitely off (which is why you should always ask for assistance or check it in natural light!) but it turned out to be the perfect shade for when I decide to have a change from looking like Casper the friendly ghost.

I use my beloved Creme Puff powder by Max Factor to set my foundation. I only use a small amount of this as my skin is dry and doesn't appreciate a setting powder. I lightly dust this translucent powder over my cheeks and forehead and then even more lightly, I dust my t-zone. It gives my foundation that assistance in setting and lasting longer. I wish my skin wasn't so dry so that I could properly set my make up with powder but you can't have it all.

For bronzer I use the very much overused Master Sculpt Contour kit from Maybelline. This print-less black box in the photo above once said Master Sculpt... You know you love a product when the logo disappears from the packaging. I only use the contour side of this kit and not the highlight because it doesn't give me the bold highlight that I love. The powder contour is so pigmented, long lasting and blends really well. This contour kit is so affordable and such an easy starter kit.

I love a bold highlight and my absolute favourite highlighter is the Mary Lou Manizer. I did a full review on that product here and I am still as obsessed as I was the day I received it. It's a beautiful light gold shimmer that's so incredibly pigmented. I cannot imagine not having this in my make up collection. It's the perfect highlighter for Summer and especially so with a slight tan.

For my eyes I've been going for a really simple look. I've not had an winged eyeliner on for weeks and I actually really like it. Only took 13 years to break that part of my make up routine! I feel like I see my eyelashes more and the colour of my eye, that might sound weird but I felt that winged eyeliner distracted from that. I curl my lashes with a Superdrug own brand curler and use the Maybelline Lash Sensentional mascara which makes my lashes look insanely long. It's a clumpy mascara but in a good way if you get it right. Lasts all day, creates bold lashes and somehow makes them look lovely and long. It's not a practical bottom lash mascara but I highly rate it for the top lashes.

And finally, a concealer. This concealer from Bourjois is their radiance reveal concealer. I have this in a light colour for my natural skin tone so I only tend to use this under my eyes when I have gradual tan on as it brightens yet conceals the dark circles. It's one of the best concealers I have ever used and I highly rate it for good coverage and it's ability to last so long. It's hydrating so a great match for the Healthy Mix foundation when I do wear that. It doesn't cake or crease which a lot of concealers can do, especially under the eye.

My go to brushes at the moment are my Eco-Tools! I absolutely love them - so soft and works so well with my make up.

What make up do you change to in the Summer for when you get a little colour? From natural sun or a bottle, let me know!



  1. Your picks are so lovely! I'd love to try the Radiance Reveal Concealer, I'm also a big fan of Max Factor :D I will check out Eco-Tools as I'm a bit of newbie to brushes! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aw thank you so much! Glad you agree :) highly rate the brushes, they're so good and not massively expensive :) xxx

  2. There are the Eco Tools! May try one of the sets out soon xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. I keep meaning to buy sets but I just buy them individually all the time as impulse ... One won't break the bank haha let me know what you think! They've been a favourite of mine for ages :) xx

  3. I have been wanting to get my hands on that highlighter for the longest time, it looks really pretty :-) x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

    1. My best highlighter to date :) absolutely love it! Xx


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