Friday, 24 June 2016

The Launch Of The Benefit Brow Collection

I was very excited to be invited by the ladies from the Benefit counter in Debenhems, Milton Keynes to talk about their fantastic new brow collection. I'd seen a lot of hype on these products because of those beautiful PR boxes full the new products bloggers were receiving. I couldn't wait to see some myself and transform my brows that were in desperate need of some TLC.

Brows are an important part of my face and they are the one thing (well, two things) I refuse to slack on when it comes to doing my daily make up. I could have dodgy winged eyeliner but as long as my brows are on point, I am happy. I've never had my brows done at a Benefit Brow Bar before and I am not sure why! I always want to and I always think about it, I've just never acted on it. I had a mini Brow Bar experience at this event as I volunteered myself for a demonstration of a brow product that would suit me. There was a deep discussion about my brows and what I wanted to achieve with them before a product was selected, these Benefit ladies know their stuff and they were sure to select the right product and shade for me. It was decided that Ka-Brow was the one for me in shade 3 and with that, the brow process began... 

We started by measuring my brows to decide where the start point, the arch and end point of my brow would be. My brows were primed with Brow-Vo conditioning eyebrow primer to prime the hairs. Then Ka-Brow a cream gel was used to outline my brow shape. The Ka-Brow brush is so precise that it's ideal for sketching the outline of your brows, as well as filling them in. We started from the highest point of the arch and sketched downwards to the end of my brow and then filled that in. Then we focused on the inner brow as that takes a tad more time to perfect. A little goes along with this product and lightly brushing the product through was enough.

I have never used a cream gel eye brow product, I've often used a pencil or the trusty Benefit Brow Zing (which has had revamped packaging and it is a dream). I am a play it safe and stick with what I know kind of girl when it comes to brow products. But this has opened my eyes up to how incredible a cream gel formula is. I have had beautiful brows (even if I do say so myself) for a few days now, I am talking Benefit Brow Bar quality and I am beyond impressed. After playing around with the entire range I decided that Ka- Brow is my favourite product from this range, most definitely. The colour selection is great and the stay powering is something I've never seen before. I left with shade 3 in my bag knowing my brows will forever be looking on point.

The Brow Collection is beautiful, the packaging is really cool and interesting. Benefit know how to deliver a well packaged product.  I'd suggest going in a chatting to a Benefit make up artist because the product you think you might need for your type of brow, isn't necessarily right. On paper, I needed a gimme brow but actually that's not the right product for me on its own - but it's perfect for over the top of the Ka-Brow. Ask for advice and I can assure you, you won't be disappointed with this new collection. 

You can see the whole Benefit Brow Collection here.
Do you have a favourite brow product? Let me know in the comments please!


  1. Lovely post! Good to catch up that night xo

  2. I really loved the primer, it lasted for such a good amount of time, it was lovely to meet you to!


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