Monday, 18 July 2016

My experience in the Oxford Street Lush

I've worked in retail my entire life so I am big on the importance of good customer service. If I have a bad experience in a shop I will never forget it. It's so important to make someone feel welcome, assisted but not smothered and comfortable to be in your shop. I am forever judging sale assistants on their service because after spending many years on the reverse side and now being an Area Manager,  I can't help myself.

I don't write about topics like this on my blog normally but after having such a lovely experience in a shop of a brand I adore, I couldn't help but want to write it down (after talking about it endlessly on my Snapchat).

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Beauty Review: Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

I feel so proud of the YouTube community bringing out make up ranges, books and films. What an incredible achievement for a community that came out of nowhere but is now everywhere. This is the 3rd range brought out by Zoella and I was keen to try it out. The packaging is gorgeous and the pale pink, blue and gold theme is super cool. I purposefully didn't watch any first impression videos or read any reviews online of these products because I didn't want other peoples views to impact on my own. I trialed these products over a couple of weeks to get a feel for how good they really are. The packaging is dreamy, but are the products?

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