Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Beauty Review: Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

I feel so proud of the YouTube community bringing out make up ranges, books and films. What an incredible achievement for a community that came out of nowhere but is now everywhere. This is the 3rd range brought out by Zoella and I was keen to try it out. The packaging is gorgeous and the pale pink, blue and gold theme is super cool. I purposefully didn't watch any first impression videos or read any reviews online of these products because I didn't want other peoples views to impact on my own. I trialed these products over a couple of weeks to get a feel for how good they really are. The packaging is dreamy, but are the products?

Ultimate packaging dream right there. The milk bottle is the cutest and bathe latte sounds rather fancy and posh. This product is a bath and shower milk so it can be used to add some bubbles to your bath or your body. I found that you need quite a lot to get a good amount of bubbles, I do have a rather large bath but I found myself using over double the amount of product then I would have for another brand of bubble bath. 4 baths into the product and more than half of it's gone. The bubbles don't last very long but the smell remains, which is a lovely honey vanilla smell (Macrons is the scent name). I'd give this product a 5/10. I'd probably buy it again for the smell and the cute packaging (don't judge me). 

Again with the packaging goals. However, these bath salts, to me, are a bit of a wasted product. I am not the biggest fan of salts mainly because I feel they don't bring anything to my bath. These smell beautiful and are quite fun to pop into your bath - but that's as far as it goes. Maybe I am being harsh but I'd give these a 2/10. I don't see the point in bath salts, unless it's Dead Sea Spa bath salts which are exfoliating yet nourishing. I didn't find my skin smelt like the bath salts after either, which was disappointing. Overall, not a fan of this product.

This smells divine. It is Macaron scented like all the other products but I can only smell a sweet (but non sickly) vanilla and honey scent, and I love it. It's a thick formula which is really nourishing. I didn't expect the quality of this body cream to be as good as it is because the other body creams brought out by Zoella made my sensitive skin itch. It's a good quality moisturiser that I've been using over and over again. A little goes a long way which is great and means the product will last for a long time (until like bathe latte!). I'd give this product a 7/10 - I'd most likely repurchase it, even though it's not my all time favourite body cream or my go to, but it's definitely something I'd pick up again as a spur of the moment purchase.

How I feel about these bath fizzers is very similar to how I feel about the bath salts. I am not sure what they're meant to bring to my bath because they don't bring much! It's enjoyable to watch them fizz away but once they're gone, they're gone. It doesn't leave a smell behind and it doesn't do anything to the bath water. I've never repurchased bath fizzers from Zoella's beauty range because there's a bit of a nothing product. However I was keen to give these a go because I thought I could be pleasantly surprised. I tend to throw them into the bath with the latte for a combination bath, as it adds a bit of fizz after the bubbles have disappeared. On a good note: these are the first bath fizzers from Zoella beauty that haven't made my skin itch. They smell yummy fresh out the packaging but once they're in the bath the smell disappears. I'd give this product a 2/10 - I wouldn't repurchase it, that's for sure. 

And now for the one that's not photographed. This product was late to the party due to shipping reasons and by the time it had arrived I had made my way through the other products. I wasn't going to repurchase the products just to get a group photo, although that thought did cross my mind... 
I was excited for this product because the opportunity of having a scented summer glow was too good to pass up. There was big talk of this product online and not just because it was running late. Girls were looking forward to wearing this on holiday, to prom, to graduation and so forth. From what I could see this was the most hyped product of the range. When I finally got my hands on it, there was condensation on the product which was quite odd. I had to wipe the layer of condensation from the fondant because it was too wet to use straight away. This product is named a shimmer balm however there is not one piece of shimmer in the product. This product is basically a balm moisturiser with a power puff, and it's super sticky. I'm so disappointed in this product and I can imagine those desperate for the shimmer were feeling the same. How can there be zero shimmer, in a shimmer product? You've got me...
0/10 is my score on this product. It's not what it says on the fondant tin. 

Overall, I was disappointed with this range of products. This is Zoella's 3rd range and it's my 3rd round of disappointment. Although, saying that, this range is the only one so far that hasn't reacted to my skin badly. I have incredibly sensitive skin and I've not been left feeling itchy or sore from any of the products. I might buy the body cream again on a whim when I am wondering around Superdrug filling up my basket for fun. My most used products out of the 3 ranges has been Scrubbing Me Softly and Double Creme Body Cream. It's such a shame that I personally don't rate these products because I am a fan of Zoella.

As I always say, my opinion isn't always the one everyone will have and you should always try things yourself. Everyone has different experiences with products, so let me know in the comments what you thought of the Sweet Inspirations line, I'd be interested to know!

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