Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Skincare Wishlist

I am all about wishlists. There is so much in the beauty and fashion world that takes my fancy that all I can do is jot them down on my wishlist and tick them off, one by one, gradually. I feel like I've not blogged about beauty in awhile, so I thought I'd share my current skincare wants (and needs!)
My skin has been going through a troublesome time lately so I've been turning to the internet for help and new products inspiration to brighten and moisturise my skin. These are what have taken my fancy...

I am desperate to try products from Sunday Riley. They're oh so popular and I only hear positive reviews. I will be honest, I once smelt one of the Juno oils and it wasn't a pleasant whiff.  But smells aside, Sunday Riley products are meant to be excellent. I am looking to achieve hydrated and plumped skin that looks bright, and this product ticks those boxes. It's priced at £60 which makes me go "eeeeek", however what I am starting to realise as I get older, good skincare costs. I'm so sensitive that unfortunately cheaper, highstreet brands hardly ever work for my skin. Typical really.

This brand is one that I remember as a little girl being sat upon my mums window ledge. I was forever rooting through her make up bag and skincare to see what was new and L'Occitane is a brand that has always stuck in my mind as a good one to remember. I recently managed to get my mind around using an oil on my face (and loved it, might I add) so I why shouldn't I branch out to an almond oil for my skin? My skin loves almond oil, camelina oil and I am making a conscious effort to have firmer skin. This product is win win and at the reasonable price of £34! I am so keen to branch out of my comfort zone with products and I absolutely love the sound of a body oil. They have a cute shop in Covent Garden which I must pop my head into again soon.

.... is a very long title for a product that I need in my make up bag. My skin is drying out majorly. I'm not sure if it's my wildly unpredictable hormones, my working outside in the cold/rain for 4 days or if my new foundation is terrible - but my skin has decided to strike against me in the last 2 weeks. I have wanted to try this product for longer than I can remember and it has failed to ever make it on my wishlists blog posts (know idea why!). I need to find my local Bare Minerals and I need a colour match ASAP. I am praying that a tinted hydrated gel cream will keep my skin moisturisers and still hide my blemishes.

Another L'Occitane product I have my eye on is the Divine Cream. At the age of 24, I don't really need anti-wrinkle cream but there's no harm in having one in my skincare routine. What I really am looking for from this product is the fact it is meant to intensely nourish, add firmness and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone - all things I want for my facial skin. At £74 a pot, this will be another product to put on hold. Since booking our wedding and buying a house, I can't throw money around on fabulous skincare or make up, which is why wishlists are needed. This award winning piece of skincare has definitely got me interested and I welcome it to my wishlist.

Can you recommend any products that are great for sensitive and super dry skin? I need all the help I can get right now.

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