Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Evening Routine

It's my favourite time of year. There's nothing I love more than the winter months where the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, big coats come out of hibernation and I get to wear a ton of cute boots on my feet.  With the change of season, there is naturally a change of routine. Evenings become more snuggled and more pampered - just what I like. So with saying that, here is my winter evening routine.

The first thing I do as soon as I am home is change out of the clothes I've worn all day and put something more comfortable on. I like to change into a comfortable yet stylish outfit, as I don't like to "bed down for the night" by putting PJs on straight away. I enjoy being comfortable and dressed suitably for if I have to answer the front door to pop out to see my mum or a friend... or even go to local supermarket for a chocolate supply. That's the more likely scenario, let's not kid ourselves.

There's only one brand that ticks the two boxes of comfort and style, Jack Wills. The ladies joggers from Jack Wills are something I've been buying since I was young teenager. I used to be given £50 from a family member each Christmas which would go straight on a pair of new Jack Wills ladies joggers! I adore these skinny joggers because they're flattering, comfortable and casual yet stylish.
The ones I have are these* and these are going onto my Christmas list! 

The second thing I do is take time to chill out. I go straight to the sofa, make myself comfortable and flick through Twitter and Instagram to catch up on the day. I don't get much time in the day to look at social media so this is my time. I will also have a quick binge on my favourite people on Snapchat before switching Netflix on and watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls, I am completely and utterly obsessed right now! I normally have 45 minutes to an hour before Brendan gets home so I cook dinner whilst still watching the Gilmore Girls (thank god for being able to watch on different devices!)

I spend time catching up with Brendan and then I go and chill by myself for a bit. I enjoy flicking through different books or getting lost in a plot to forget about the day. My go to at the moment is The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force, I've been reading it on and off for a few months because I prefer to spend more time getting lost in fiction than anything else - but I am really enjoying it and with no book to read at the moment, I am reaching for it a lot. I am a bit of a YouTuber fan girl and am collecting books, don't judge me. 

As well as a good book, there's nothing like a good bath. I'm not sure if this is considered odd, but I like to watch films whilst in the bath - otherwise I get a bit bored. I perch my laptop on the washing basket and hit play! I tend to go for films I've seen before so I can still follow along, even if I get distracted by a bath bomb or two. I am sure it's no surprise that Lush products are my go to for bath time. I enjoy doing my skin care routine in the bath but I won't bore you with that process right now. That's a whole other routine within itself!

I don't do a full pamper every night (whose got time for that?) but I will often focus on one part of my body and give it a bit of TLC. I have dry skin at the best of times so in the colder months I need to take extra care of myself. I might focus on my feet, hands or legs and then sit back and relax in all of the pillow on my bed whilst the moisturiser soaks in. Heaven. 

A good playlist is always needed and I am really enjoying the Romantic Ballads playlist on Spotify. It's chilled music that I know the words to, so I can relax and have a bit of a sing. Whilst listening to music I like to potter around the house for awhile, tidying up and preparing lunch, outfits and so forth for the next day.

I always finish my day off relaxing with Brendan, watching some trashy TV, chatting or playing with our hamster (we are parents!).

What's your evening routine for the winter months? I hope it's cosy one!

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