Friday, 6 January 2017

Spin For Perfect Skin

I am that person who will walk up to a total stranger and ask them where they got their shoes from. I am also that person who will ask someone with flawless skin how they achieve it. I did that recently to a girl I work with (who has the most incredibly flawless skin and make up) and her answer was: Vanity Planet.

Vanity Planet sell a variety of products but the one I was recommend is called 'Spin For Perfect Skin'. It's a facial cleansing brush that's more than a facial cleansing brush. Spin For Perfect Skin comes with a daily cleansing brush made from ultra-soft nylon bristles which remove the layers of dead skin and debris, an exfoliating facial brush made of pliable synthetic bristles designed to break apart dead hardened skin cells, a large body brush that is also made of nylon to cleanse larger areas such as arms and legs and a pumice stone to exfoliate your heels with. You get a lot for your money.

There are a lot of different branded facial cleanser brushes on the market which are probably all fabulous, but unfortunately I'm not in the financial position to blow £90 on one. At the end of the day, as long as the quality of the brushes themselves are good, I'm sure having a cheaper (yet great!) devise will still do the job I need. The Spin For Perfect Skin is £24.00 down for £82.00, which is totally affordable for me. The website always seem to have a sale on so you're not at no risk of missing out if you don't buy it straight away. Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with the sales! 

For me, the cleansing facial brush works to cleanse and exfoliate. Sometimes I can find the exfoliating brush a little too harsh on my sensitive skin so I don't always reach for it - it's a brush I use spordically. It all depends on the condition of my skin when I go to use it. The cleansing brush works perfectly to cleanse and to exfoliate because it comes down to the product you put on it, one with or without exfoliating beads. It's a really odd feeling when you use the brush for the first time because you can feel your skin moving with the motion of it. It's weird and wonderful. I pop some product onto the bristles and I slowly move the brush around my face letting it do its thing, there really is no hard work involved. Afterwards I rinse my face and the brush, then pat dry my face ready for a moisturiser or oil.

I am starting to see the effects of this product already, after 2 weeks of using it every other day. On the days in between I use a muslin cloth to cleanse with - only because I worry about my sensitive skin (and because sometimes I'm lazy). My skin feels so soft every time I use it and I feel that the appearance of my skin is more clean and smooth. I have recently started to notice that my foundation is sitting better on my face and my nose pours are less clogged up. Not a bad result from a product that cost me £24.00.

There are lots of cute colours you can pick from, I went with Strawberry Ice because I am fond of a bit of pink. If you don't like having all the extra heads on your facial cleanser, they do offer a single head option. Something for everybody.

Have you ever used this product before, if so, what do you think?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've seen a few of these around and been really intrigued by them but was unsre about purchasing as I didn't know what to expect from them, but this sounds really good! I may need to rethink this one :D



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