Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Being Bold With NYX Cosmetics

Everyone has a hobby and I think that make up is mine. I like looking at it, buying it, experimenting with it and reading and writing about it online. I find it really interesting the way different products work and also how other people perceive them. Something can work so well for one person, but not for another. Why is that? I wish there was a science course I could attend to learn more about the ingredients and I genuinely think my dream day out would be at a factory seeing how production works and how the creation of make up happens. I am forever looking at ingredients in make up hoping that one day I understand any of the bloody words... hydro-what-now?

I've decided that I should be more confident and more bold with my make up. I have all this make up which I adore experimenting with but I never feel brave enough to leave the house with it on. I am a neutral make up kind of girl and that's my comfort zone when out and about, I like to blend in. Every time I wipe dark lipstick shade off, I think to myself "what a waste" and "why do I not feel comfortable going out with bold make up?". It's entirely down to my own confidence level because no one cares what colour my lipstick is when I go out. Unless I bump into another beauty obsessive that is!

To be blunt, it's bullshit that I don't wear some of my favourite make up pieces out. I need to snap my sorry arse out of this mind set and wear what I want to wear. I highly doubt I will jump in the deep end and rock into work tomorrow with a black lipstick on, I need to take baby steps. My first step is to wear bolder make up on a night out and not because I will eventually be too drunk on gin to worry about my lipstick.

I am absolutely obsessing over the lipstick I am wearing in the photo. NYX cosmetics is my new favourite obsession and I think the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Subversive Socialite looks awesome against my pale complexion. I was worried at peoples reactions to such a gothic looking photo of myself, what if people thought I looked silly or really dressed up or like I was trying too hard? The response was great from posting this photo on Instagram, even my mum liked it and then text me to say I looked amazing, what a babe!

The suede cream lipsticks aren't my favourite, I love the Lingerie collection the most, but the Suede lipsticks are good and the colours are so great. It dries to a matte finish and is incredibly pigmented. The Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks are long lasting and waterproof - perfect for a night out!

I doubt I am not the only person out there who can be really unconfident about wearing bold make up. How do you tackle your insecurities? 

When I next go out my motto will be "go bold or go home!"


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